Book Feature: “The Malja Chronicles” by Stuart Jaffe

Please welcome fantasy author, Stuart Jaffe, to Lizzyland! He’s sharing his series, “The Malja Chronicles”. Book 1 and Book 2 are below. Book 3 is due out next month.

The Way of the Black Beast (The Malja Chronicles)

fantasy seriesMalja wants answers.  She wants to know why the two most powerful magicians in all of Corlin ripped her from her mother’s arms, raised her only to fight, and then tossed her away to die at age ten.  She wants to know why they are trying to recreate the spells which caused the Devastation that wiped out most of the world’s population, leaving behind skeletal cities and abandoned technology.  And she wants to kill them.

With Tommy, an orphan bearing the tattoos of a sorcerer, she crosses this shattered land.  Despite the challenges they face — crazed magicians, guitar-playing assassins, mutated beasts — Malja pursues her vengeance with a single-mindedness that may destroy all she holds dear, forcing her to make a terrible choice between the family she lost and the one she has built.

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The Way of the Sword and Gun (The Malja Chronicles)

For the past year, Malja and her companions have traveled the ruined lands of Corlin fantasy seriestrying to bring order to the chaos of a world destroyed by magic.  But when Owl, a warrior skilled in the Way of the Sword and Gun, enlists their aid in facing a new threat from the North, everything changes.

Now, Malja must face Queen Salia — a self-made ruler obsessed with taming the wild magical energies pulsing from a place known as the Library.  Magical energies that could drive her mad and destroy the world once again.

But magic this powerful can do more than destroy.  It could also help Malja unlock a path toward the desires she buries in her heart.  Desires that may tear her from those she cares for the most.

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