Book Feature: “Night Stalker” by Carol Davis Luce

Please welcome Carol Davis Luce to Lizzyland!  Carol’s books are romantic suspense at its finest, and her Night series went platinum at Amazon with tens of thousands of copies sold.  I’m happy to feature her first novel in the series, Night Stalker.

Night Stalker is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

Things were looking up for Alexandra Carlson. With her divorce behind her and the mysterious death of her father fading in her memory, she was moving on. She lived in a wonderful secluded house on a mountainside in Reno, her paintings were beginning to sell, and there was even a hint of romance on the horizon. Then things began to happen. Little things. Anonymous phone calls full of heavy breathing. A broken tree branch outside her bedroom window. Her cat, Winnie–gone without a trace. A moving shadow above the skylight. Surely it was all her imagination…

Then one day she picked up the phone and there was someboby–somebody who knew her childhood nickname. In the background she could hear a scratchy record–an old song that brought dark memories out of the shadows.

That night something woke Alexandra out of a sound sleep. This time, the heavy breathing wasn’t coming from the telephone. Someone was in house with her. And she was at his mercy.

About Carol

Carol Davis Luce’s first novel, Night Stalker, was also her first sale. “A dandy read,” wrote author Tony Hillerman. It went into three printings and became the flagship for the sub-genre “Woman in Jeopardy” at Kensington Publishers–strong heroines pitted against evil opponents. Reviewers have said of her villains: [Night Prey] “Luce’s portrayal of a psychopathic mountain man is chilling…” [Night Game] “The villain is evil personified.”

In addition to five published novels, Carol’s short story “Shattered Crystal” appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Magazine and Treadmill Tales (audio). E-reads Publications reprinted Night Passage in e-book format and POD. Nonfiction publications include two articles for Writer’s Digest. One article, “Writing Suspense That’ll Kill Your Readers,” was reprinted (second edition) in THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF NOVEL WRITING (Writer’s Digest Books)2010.

*In The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing 2010, Carol Davis Luce defines tension as “the act of building or prolonging a crisis.” She goes on to give some examples and ends the chapter with this: “How you build that suspense can make the difference between your readers chucking your book for a good night’s sleep or nudging their spouse to say, ‘the suspense is killing me.’”

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