Book Feature: “Heteroflexibility” by Mary Beth Daniels

Please welcome to Lizzyland, author Mary Beth Daniels. She’s here to share her romantic comedy, “Heteroflexibility”. As a special gift, she’s made her book free on Kindle for April 18th-19th.
Heteroflexibility: A Romantic Comedy

romantic comedyWise-cracking wedding photographer Zest Renald has just been served divorce papers when she agrees to accompany a lesbian softball team during their elopement to California on the eve of the 2008 presidential election. She’s never heard of Prop 8, and her only exposure to lesbian culture is an addiction to the talk show Ellen. But with her assets frozen and her husband claiming their house for the Other Woman’s Love Child, she needs the job.

Zest’s gaffes and notoriously bad gaydar endear her to the brides, as well as Bradford, the beautiful male stylist who travels with them. Just when Zest is figuring out how to manage her attraction to the unattainable “safe” man, they arrive in California amidst the worst anti-gay protests San Diego has ever seen.

When the minister the women hired turns out to be a Prop 8 zealot hell-bent on preventing the wedding, Zest and the brides are chased across the city in a hilarious yet poignant attempt to foil the protestors and tie the white knot.

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Author Bio:
Mary Beth Daniels is a writer and wedding photographer. She is a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres, softball teams with outrageous names, and puppy dogs that look like puff balls.
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