“Rhyn’s Redemption” release – weekend of March 23rd

Howdy everyone! “Rhyn’s Redemption” will be released the weekend of March 23rd. My apologies for the delay.  It seems like every time I write a Rhyn book, I move, and it goes badly. Hahahaha!  Aw, well.

But, here’s the cover by the talented Dafeenah at Indie Designz! 🙂

15 thoughts on ““Rhyn’s Redemption” release – weekend of March 23rd

  1. I am sad, I have to wait a week longer to read more about Rhyn. I hope this is one helluva long story because I am going to have fun reading it. I can’t wait (even though I’ve been waiting for a long time. lol). You are awesome Lizzy. Love all the books. All!!

  2. I will clear my reading schedule! It will hit right at the end of finals week for me, so I will need a break from all of the grading. Smashwords?


  3. Oh. Do we get any more exceprt to satiate our hunger? I miss Rhyn. I wish he could destroy Death. Looking forward to Gabriels story, that would be a joy.

  4. Awesomeness…. Can’t wait!!! Yippee… It’s going to be my new year present to myself (like the Chines new year, our new year generally falls in March or April. This year it is on the 23rd march.)
    To new beginings….

    Your big fan

  5. I picked up the first book on an Amazon daily deal (but admittedly have yet to read it). I lend my mom my Kindle Fire now and again to read books, since I have several downloaded and she loves to read. She started reading the first Rhyn book, and then made me buy the second right after she finished! When she learned the third book was due out this month, she began pestering me for information. She kept going on about how it was already March 15 and there was still no book. I had to explain to her that it’s only been half a month and there’s still the remainder of March left. Finally, I decided to track down the release date for her.
    Needless to say, she is eagerly awaiting March 23rd. You’ve got a fan in her 🙂

  6. So I just finished a random book. Would of been good timing if you were coming out with the book this weekend 😉

    But I think I might just play Words with Friends until this comes out! Can’t wait…

    Oh and we just bought a house with built in bookshelves – can’t wait to put your books up there for people to see.. granted that is if I get them back from the new fans you have acquired from me loaning them out!!!

  7. What??????? you just want to make us wait… LOL…. Thanks for the update

    35 days and I’ll be home……YES!!!!!!!!

    Keep writing

  8. Perfect timing just finish Katie’s Hope today so I look forward to purchasing Rhyn’s Redemption this weekend on my Kindle.
    Thank you for writing such a great trilogy.

  9. I really want to read all of the books you publish! I just love them<3 I hope I never miss a great book you publish.

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