“Rhyn’s Redemption:” End of Trilogy, Beginning of Rhyn Eternal Series

When I started the Rhyn Trilogy, it was with the intention of ending it after three books. I figured I’d detail Katie and Rhyn’s relationship and how they eventually became a couple. However, this past fall, after seeing the overwhelming reader support and feedback for the series to continue beyond the three books, I developed a different plan.

I now consider the Rhyn Trilogy to be a prequel to the Rhyn Eternal series and more of a history of how all the players got to where they are when the Rhyn Eternal series launches this September.  The Rhyn Eternal series will include more books on Katie and Rhyn as they grow into their roles, and books on other popular characters, such as Gabriel, Rhyn’s brothers, Hannah, Rhyn’s daughter, etc., and the ongoing struggle with the Dark One.

With that in mind, I feel I need to tell everyone: “Rhyn’s Redemption” doesn’t end with all the loose ends tied up.  It doesn’t resolve all the issues, win the war with demons and it doesn’t end happily for every character.  What it does is bring Katie and Rhyn together – and set the stage for the Rhyn Eternal series, because Rhyn and Katie will need each other for the upcoming books.

Fair warning … 🙂

33 thoughts on ““Rhyn’s Redemption:” End of Trilogy, Beginning of Rhyn Eternal Series

  1. Sweet!!!!! Looking forward to reading them all over and over again! Rhyn’s Redemption can’t get here fast enough though *flails* I’m rereading the first two in anticipation then I’ll reread the War of the Gods series for when The Grey God comes out!

  2. This is awesome news!! More Rhyn & Katie!!!! You’re still gonna do the other books you planned for the year though, right? We still get Kiera, Damian, Sofi, and all those other wonderful characters we all love so much…. right???? :/

  3. Fab news! Love the books and can’t wait for the next one. When will it come out? I’m at uni and have reread those books so many times think it’s a waste that i haven’t got an exam on them rather than brain stem generators!

  4. So happy we’re going to get more of Rhyn and Katie. I love watching him grow and evolve into who he’s meant to be…..great characters.

  5. All I can think about is to tell you “thank you!” I was happy and sad about the release of Rhyn’s Redemption. You have just made me a very happy reader!

  6. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait…. I’ll keep in touch with the people that will remain here after I go home to let them know….

    Thanks Lizzy and keep writing

  7. oh man..as much as i hate it to wait for your books to come out, i really love rhyn and katie..its just that the waiting period sucks..lol..atleast we gotta read about the other characters too..they are too many to mention though..go lizzy..just want to ask..does gabriel book goes out first before the rhyn series?.

    • Hi Kristzel! Gabe’s book will basically be the first book in the Rhyn Eternal series. 🙂 I hope to have books on Gabe, Kiki, Hannah and of course, another couple of books on Rhyn and Katie! 🙂

  8. First – Super excited there will be more books! ( I read Hellion & Hope again Wed & Thurs so I’m all up to date for Saturday)
    Second – thanks for the warning on the ending, although part of me was “oohh’ (with a groan) at least it isn’t the main characters I guess – I HATE it when authors kill off one of the two main people in the book.

    Thanks for the great stories Lizzy!

  9. Lizzy….dont kill me like this….please…release it tomorrow without delay please…and
    i am so happy that you are going to continue the Rhyn series..i will be waiting for the new series now..huh…i will be waiting and waiting…for Rhyn…

  10. Lizzy, you are evil! That is because you have created more suspense and we have to wait longer to get the full story. You are awesome! That is because you have decided to continue to expand the story of the life of Katie and Rhyn. It feels so great to know that the journey does not end now but a new series will continue. I love reading about Rhyn and Katies tribulations. I wish you success in writing these books. I know I will enjoy every single chapter of each book.

  11. It’s the weekend, where’s our book?!? Lol. I’m so glad you decided to extend the story line. I love the series and can’t wait to see how the other characters personalities (especially Hanna) develop…or (of course) more background on Rhyn. I hope you cover it. Thanks, and hurry up Miss Lizzy! We can’t wait anymore 🙂

  12. Lizzy, so excited. Was suppose to be out yesterday, but haven’t been able to find it 🙁
    I will NOT give up!!! 😉

  13. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting…I am constantly checking my email….Please at least give us an ETA…..pretty please with lots of sugar on top….

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  15. Wait! No way! The Rhyn series is continuing?! Best News EVER! But I’m still waiting on Rhyn’s Redemption… Its not on Itunes/Ibooks yet…

    • Still waiting for Rhyn’s Redemption to hit iTunes … sorry for the delay. I have no idea why it’s taking so long this time!!!

  16. I just finishes Rhyn’s redemption I loved it!It so good I can’t get enough and I love that it will be a series!Hopefully we will see the birth of hazel and how Rhyn will be as a father and a leader!Thank you Lizzy for the amazing books!Can’t wait until September!

  17. Will it come out on iBooks soon???? I read between my phone and iPad and the kindle app doesn’t update where I am in the pages like iBooks does. 🙁 I really don’t want to wait, lol!!!

    • HI Sarah … I’m still waiting for Rhyn’s REdemption to come out on iTunes. We had to re-upload it, so we’re hoping the clock didn’t start over!!!

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