Rhyn Trilogy Blog Tour: March 4 – April 9

Wahoo!  We’re officially kicking off the Rhyn Trilogy blog tour on Jenn’s site tomorrow! Below is the tentative schedule of bloggers who are hosting me and/or doing reviews during March as part of the Rhyn Trilogy Tour!

In celebration of the Month of Rhyn, “Katie’s Hellion” is free on Smashwords, iTunes, and Amazon (US)!

 Blog tour schedule

3/5 – Indie Supporter

3/? Jade Mystique

3/9 – Literary Lunes Publications

3/10 – The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom

3/12 – Indie Designz

3/15 – Cambria Hebert, Author

3/16 – Dreamland Teen Fantasy

3/19 – Love of Books

3/20 – Book Whore Blog

3/24 – Reader’s Edyn

3/26 – Close Encounters of the Night Kind

3/26 – Mysti Parker

3/30 – Tricia Kristufek

3/31 – Offbeat Vagabond

4/1 – Gathering Leaves Reviews

4/5 – Rainy Day Ramblings

4/6 – Babbling About Books and Stuff

4/9 – UF Reviews



4 thoughts on “Rhyn Trilogy Blog Tour: March 4 – April 9

  1. When is Rhyns Redemption going to be released? I know it’s this month but I can’t even preorder it for my nook 🙁

  2. Whooo, hoooo. Rhyn’s Redemption! I hope he finds love and happiness with Katie.
    He’s a good man, trying to pull himself out of a life he was doomed to live, at birth.
    Awesome series. Excellent job, Lizzy x x

  3. i came across your books purely by accident and they have been fab i cant put them down so i wanted to say thank you for a very good read and keep them coming x

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