Book Features: “He Loves Me Not” and “Don’t Look Back” by Christine Kersey

Welcome back to Lizzyland, Christine!  Today, I’m featuring Christine’s book, He Loves Me Not, the first book in the romantic suspense series, Lily’s Story, and the sequel, Don’t Look Back.

He Loves Me Not is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.  Don’t Look Back is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.

Stay away from him. When college student Lily Jamison receives the ominous note, she convinces herself it’s a mistake. After all, she’s barely met the two men it could be referring to. But as she begins to fall for the man with the striking blue eyes, the disturbing messages increase.

Refusing to believe warnings from an anonymous sender and trusting her own heart, Lily presses forward with her relationship, eventually coming to understand the meaning behind the messages as she fears for her life.
He Loves Me Not does not contain any profanity, but does contain mild sensuality (kissing). It is 83,000 words, which is approximately 300 pages.

Hiding from her estranged husband Trevor, Lily Jamison has changed her name and settled in a small town in the California Central Valley. Though she continues to receive emails from Trevor that range from threats to professions of love, she tries to move on with her life.

To hide her identity she’s had to lie to all those around her. To further protect herself she gets a dog and takes self-defense classes, but she lives in constant fear that all of her efforts will not keep her husband from tracking her down. Eventually she comes to realize that to truly put her past behind her, she needs to divorce Trevor. However, he has some demands of his own, including being involved in the life of the child Lily is carrying in her womb.
Don’t Look Back does not contain any profanity or sexual content. It is 75,000 words, which is approximately 275 pages.

About Christine

I have always loved to read, but in 1997 I decided to try my hand at writing. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy creating situations and having my characters get out of them. When I first started writing I didn’t tell anyone I was trying to write a novel – I wanted to see if I could do it first. I completed one novel, Suspicions, which is now available in eBook format. After that one was finished, I decided to try it again. The result was No Way Out, which was published by Covenant Communications. It is out of print now, but can be purchased as an eBook.

“I’ve been married since 1984 and my husband and I have four children and one grandson. I grew up in San Jose, California and then moved to the California Central Valley with my husband when our oldest child was a toddler. We lived there for twelve years before moving to Utah in 1999. I love it here and especially love the four distinctive seasons.

“When my youngest child started first grade I decided to go back to school. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2004. I currently work in the software industry. “

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  1. would like to know if a lilys story #3, coming out in the foreseable future. Thank you & keep up the great writing.

    Cyndi Barber

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