Book Feature: Mel Comley’s “Lorne Simpkins” series

Please welcome Mel Comley to Lizzyland! Mel’s Lorne Simpkins series has flown off the virtual shelves since she released the first book!  She’s also a sweet, supportive and awesome person to work with, so I’m super happy she’s on my site this week!  I’ve featured the three books in her series below.  Enjoy!

A serial killer taunts the police…And he has his sights on DI Lorne Simpkins

The headless body of a wealthy widow is discovered decomposing in Chelling Forest.

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs are assigned to the case.

A few days later another victim, this time a young girl, is
discovered. Who could the killer be and what’s the connection between the two victims?

Then after a third murder, the killer contacts Lorne with a grisly surprise. It looks like Lorne has a serial killer on her hands – and one that has become fixated on her.

As she tries to solve the crimes, Lorne is also coping with a failing marriage and a new, unsympathetic boss with whom she has a secret past. Then, as she begins to despair at the lack of clues, help arrives from an unlikely source.

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He’s a  remorseless killer… 

DI Lorne Simpkins has him in her sights

She’s been on his tail for eight long years, but the ruthless criminal known as ‘The Unicorn’ has always been one step ahead.

Now, after he lures Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins into a trap in which her partner is killed, she’s more determined than ever to hunt him down.

And when her nemesis kidnaps her teenage daughter, Lorne vows not to rest until she brings him to justice.

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He’s back… The ruthless killer that former DI Simpkins has tried to forget

After suffering a breakdown and quitting the force, former Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins is contacted by a friend at MI6 to help in a covert operation. Reluctantly, Lorne agrees to help hunt down her old enemy, a sadistic and merciless criminal whose ambition is to become the world’s richest man.

Lorne and the agent track him through France as they bid to thwart his plans and bring Lorne’s long-time nemesis to Final Justice

Purchase from: Amazon, Amazon UK, BN, iTunes, or Smashie.

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