Upcoming Lizzyland Events and Book Releases!

A few updates to my poor neglected readers.  You haven’t had a Lizzy Ford book in like, 45+ days.  No worries – I plan to remedy that the next few months.  Below are some important dates!

Rhyn Trilogy Blog Tour

March 05 – April 09. I’ll share some of the links as I go along. There are tons of fun prizes along the blog tour.

Jenn from IndieSupporter.com is organizing my tour!

Official tour graphics by Dafeenah!

Upcoming Book Releases

March 16: “Rhyn’s Redemption”

April: “Rebel Heart”

May: “The Grey God”

June: “Kiera’s Sun”

And finally, my first public appearance. 

May 24-27, I’ll be an exhibitor at the Phoenix Comic Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll send out more details closer to the date, but you can expect to see some limited edition, anime/comic covers for my most popular books to commemorate my first public appearance, in addition to some other cool little trinkets.  I’ll also be unveiling the “Kiera’s Sun” cover at the Comicon! (I’m not important enough to make their VIP guest list, but by golly, I’ll be there!)

If you’re going to be in the area, let me know!


29 thoughts on “Upcoming Lizzyland Events and Book Releases!

    • Kiera was a surprise to me. I wasn’t sure anyone would like it, but people loved it. 🙂 I’ve got a request for a third book in that series, too, from a few folks, and the second isn’t even out yet! Haha!

    • Me, neither! I’m going to be a writing fool this year. I gotta reach the same number as last year – 10 – or I’ll be so mad at myself! LOL

  1. Wow I can’t wait, though I think I am most excited about the Gre God: Darian is my favortie character in the Damian Series! Thanks for writing such lovely books, thanks to you I have decided to give my own a try!

  2. You spoil us! I can’t believe that 45 days feels like over a year since I have read your books LOL… We can’t get them fast enough. Thank god you are a fast writer or I would die waiting 🙂

    • Crazy, isn’t it?! I thought longer had passed, too! Don’t worry – I’m going to do my best to release a book a month for the rest of the year. 🙂

  3. Wow, i can’t believe it’s only been a little over a month lol i swear it feels like its been over a year since i last read a Lizzy Ford book lol I read all your books so im excited for all the releases! 🙂

    • I know, right? I thought the same. I figured all my readers would’ve abandoned me because it’d been MONTHS since I last published a book. Nope – around 45 days. hahaha! I gotta get crackin’ on some more! 🙂

  4. Lizzy

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee make the release dates a little early :-)… You have a “un-official” fan club in Afghanistan LOL

    Take care and keep writing

  5. Dearest Lizzy
    I also cannot wait for the new releases! I have a question for ya. The rerelease of Damian 1&2, are they different from the original free copies? I have downloaded all your books on my nook ( and my mothers!) and was debating on whether to purchase the new copy or not. If there are changes I definitely need to reread it! Besides I’m not camping this time and could probably get the peace to read it without the kids nagging to go fishing! Lol. Anyway I was just curious if there was a change. Can’t wait for more! Been forced to read boring stuff for the last 46 days! Happy writing! And as always thanks for the imagination!

    • Hi Stacy! I remember you! Your camping story made me laugh so hard last year! 🙂 Just send me an email, and I’ll send you the updated versions. Damian’s Oracle was polished up with few changes to the storyline, but Damian’s Assassin had some new scenes added and some deleted. I’ll be happy to send you the new ones! LizzyFord2010@gmail.com Lizzy 🙂

  6. Yay, looks like I will have some nice books to read poolside this summer!!!!!! Even with all the other books I have read, yours I can still re-read and find I love them even more than I did the first or even second time…LOL

    • That’s wonderful, Karen! There are some books that are like friends – you can hang out with them all the time. And there are some that aren’t, but I won’t go there. Hahahaha!

  7. Do I have a problem if I’ve checked amazon and iBooks store at least a hundred times today for rhyn release. Trying very hard to practice what I preach to my little ones. PATIENCE :-p

    Lizzy I want you to know that to show my support I’ve paid through iBooks at times when your book may have been free through amazon. I think that’s what I did. Lol. By the way why are the books doubled up in iBooks. You’re awesome!!

    • HI Natalie! Thank you for your support! I’m still waiting for Rhyn’s REdemption to appear on iBooks. (sigh) It shouldn’t be taking so long!

      As for why there are doubles … I have hundreds of reviews on some of the versions. Those went through a third party distributor who takes a cut every time I sell one. So I uploaded some of my own, so I could have more control over them and make sure they make it to the international stores. But Apple doesn’t transfer reviews, and I didn’t want to lose aaaaaallll the reviews. People took the time to write them, so I just keep both versions up!

  8. Hi Lizzy! I’m a huge fan of your War of the Gods series and I recently found the first two on Publicbookshelf.com. I haven’t seen that as an option to read the updated versions of Damian’s Oracle or Damian’s Assassin so I was wondering if there is somewhere else I should go to continue reading your books? Or if that website even has the updated version? I’m also a huge fan of Keira’s Moon and can’t wait to read the sequel but wanted to know if I should continue reading that series elsewhere as well? Thanks for your awesome books, hope you decide to write more than four in the War of the Gods series!

    • That’s a good question … I don’t know if Public Bookshelf does have the updated versions. I can double check this week! Kiera’s Sun (sequel to Kiera’s Moon) will be out this summer! 🙂 As for where to read them … I’ve started charging for books, but I do offer discounts to my mailing list. You’re welcome to sign up! Here’s the link: http://www.guerrillawordfare.com/mailing-list/ I also run free specials from time to time, too, an I try to post about those on my site when I do that! I don’t know if you ever check Amazon or BN online, but my books are pretty much everywhere: Amazon, BN, iBooks/iTunes, Sony, Kobo, Smashwords … hehehehe!

  9. Alright, well thanks for getting back to me! I’ll go check out Barnes & Noble for all your books now! Thanks so much! 🙂

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