Lizzy’s imaginary world tour

Ok, let’s pretend I’m going on a US tour and a world tour.  Where do all you live? 🙂 What kind of cool stuff is around you?  Anything I should see when I drop by on my imaginary tour?

One day, I hope to visit everyone, so I’m starting to plan now with my imaginary tours! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Lizzy’s imaginary world tour

  1. Des Moines Iowa… we are in the midwest so first you will see some fields when you drive into Iowa. But when you get to Des Moines you will see a very friendly, clean city with a nice skywalk system, lots of local restaurants, an art park, some small league sports like the I-Cubs baseball, hockey and soccer. If you are touring in the summer, you will see a very large farmers market on the weekends, and possibly the Iowa State Fair which has been rated one of the best. Or maybe the Dam to Dam 1/2 marathon, which always fun because the downtown area is now a small party. or maybe you will be here for the Arts Festivle or Wine Fest or Bacon Fest. You might even make it for Woof Stock if you come at the right time – which your dogs would enjoy 🙂 Everything in Iowa is non smoking so you can go to the piano bar and come out smelling the same as when you went in (granted I smoke, but smoking outside is fine by me). If you like live music, you could hit up Vaudville Mews and see some small local bands or go to the Jazz club. All of this stuff and you still have a small town feel 🙂

    • Holy smokes – IA sounds like fun! Bacon and Woof Fest – those sound awesome! I grew up in rural Ohio, so I’m used to the fields. LOL My fave time of year in the midwest is Autumn … do you do bonfires and hayrides and stuff, too?

  2. I’m in Pittsburgh, Pa. You should definitely take a ride on our incline, and the view of the city from Mt. Washington is AMAZING!! 🙂

    • Awesome, Kristen! But I’ll only visit PA during non-winter. I’m such a wuss in the cold. Hahaha! But it sounds awesome!

  3. Australia. A country half soaked with rain and half dry as dirt heat.

    Surrounded by my feng shui inspiration board, self published books and a million and one Nancy Drew books and ephemera. We have Ayres Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

    Pick what you want.

    • Wow, awesome! The funny thing is I have a ton of readers in Australia. I’m not sure how, but I definitely have to visit. Ok, Australia is on my imaginary tour. 🙂

  4. San Juan, Puerto Rico…. Beautiful beaches, great food, great people, average temperatures 90 degrees meaning never ever gets cold even in winter. Old San Juan is full of old buildings and an Old Fort call El Morro. We have a Rain Forrest called El Yunque….. great times!!!!!!

  5. Toronto, Canada.
    We have the Tallest Free Standing building on this side of the globe, the CN Tower. We have the Skydome (now the Roger’s Center) with the giant dome that can be opened on nice days. We have a nice clean beach where you can sit in the sun and read a (or several) good book(s). We have a cool subway system that will take you all around the city. And most of all, we have Lizzy Fans WHO WANT TO KEEP ENJOYING YOUR WORK ^_^ If you need more incentive to appear (even in the imaginary world), we have a lot of bookstores that should be visited ^_^

  6. Uh…. hello?… Houston!!! You would need at least a month to get to do everything worth doing here. The abundance of cultural diversity provides a vast mix of foods and entertainment for all preferences.

    We got the NASA Space Center, which is still open!!
    My favorite: the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo every March!!
    Museum of Natural History, if you like looking at old stuff (great inspirational material) 😀
    Houston Museum of Fine Arts
    The Houston Zoo, free entry on certain days.
    Parks and botanical gardens throughout the city with minimal entry fees.
    Clubs, bars, and the sort for any kind of music you like.
    Moody Gardens in Galveston, always worth visiting
    Galveston beach not too far away
    And of course… plenty and plenty of SHOPPING!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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