Guest Post: “Can Women Enjoy Zombies, Too?” by Danielle Blanchard

Welcome back to Lizzyland, Danielle! Danielle writes paranormal romance – and now zombie books!  She’s just released her first zombie book, “Beginnings.”

Can Women Enjoy Zombies Too?

 by Danielle Blanchard

I first started writing Beginnings: Book I from The Plague series because my main goal was to write a book about zombies women could enjoy and read with pleasure. This was after I had explored the world of zombies on my own—first through Jack Wallen’s amazing zombie series (I Zombie I, My Zombie My, Die Zombie Die) and Jessica Meigs’ The Becoming series. Both were trilogies and although both offered kick ass characters, twisty plots and great dialogue, I couldn’t help but think there was room in this genre for a gentler, kinder zombie book.

Nope, I am not speaking of the Hollowlands series by Amanda Hocking. Although it was written for the YA crowd, I wanted to write a novel women would be able to enjoy yet not have to be in their late teens and early twenties to do so. So, I started off with a basic plot and it all went from there. I suppose you could call my book a romance novel with aspects of military fiction, dark urban fantasy, mystery and suspense along with a touch of horror and science fiction.

I didn’t have big plans for this novel, I merely wanted to get it out and then I thought I would hash out the rest of the plot for the subsequent novels a bit later.


I finished Better Off Dead: Book II from The Vamp Saga, and this muse does not want to let go. I thought for sure I would be able to write a romance novel afterwards but the zombie world calls so that is where I am going.

The great part about Beginnings: Book I is it is appropriate for almost everyone over the age of seventeen (I say this because there is a lot of explicit language, a few sexual situations and some gore but I have kept the violence to a minimum as it isn’t really my area of expertise). There are strong female characters who are not only beautiful, smart and talented but kick ass as well.

If anything, I hope more women will realize that although zombies are a male-dominated industry in the book business, I hope more women discover the genre through my work and find out how great they are because sometimes, a girl just wants to be scared a bit!

 About Danielle

Danielle Blanchard Benson is a world traveler and currently earning her degree in Creative Writing with a Minor in Specialized Languages (French).

Ms. Blanchard Benson is the author of Beginnings: Book I (The Plague), Death Wish: Book I (The Vamp Saga), The Catalyst: Book One (The Pop Stars) and The Beautiful People series. She is currently working on Better Off Dead: Book II (The Vamp Series), the re-release of The Beautiful People Part One & Part Two (revised and re-edited by Spring of 2012), No and Apocalypse 2012: Book II (The Plague).

Ms. Blanchard Benson has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Danielle via her website, Facebook or Twitter!

 Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) is available in ebook format from the following stores: Amazon, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, Smashwords Available in Paperback from Amazon and Createspace.

 Death Wish: Book I (The Vamp Saga) is available exclusively in ebook format from  Amazon and Amazon UK and in paperback format from Amazon and Createspace.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: “Can Women Enjoy Zombies, Too?” by Danielle Blanchard

  1. Great post! I admit to having a weakness for a good zombie book and I’m a big fan of Jack Wallen’s books. I also love Joss Ware’s Envy Chronicles which are sort of romances with zombies. Er, not zombies being romantic. lol

    Really looking forward to reading your new book, Danielle. Congrats on the release!

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