Book feature and giveaway: “The Case of the Missing Blahnik” by Christine DeMaio-Rice

Please welcome Christine back to Lizzyland! For those who remember, Christine created the awesome Damian’s Oracle book trailer, so she’ll always be welcome to Lizzyland!  I’m offering up both Christine’s novelette, The Case of the Missing Blahnik, and her associated novel, Dead is the New Black, to several lucky people! (Must have Kindle or Kindle App for this one!)

To enter the giveaway: obey the Rafflecopter! This giveaway opportunity will be open for two days (as opposed to one day, which is what I normally do!)

After a crazy night of club-hopping and who-knows-what-else, Laura’s sister Ruby shows up Sunday morning with one Manolo Blahnik—a disappointing turn of events, considering her boss loaned her a full pair that she expects back first thing Monday. The right shoe has to be somewhere! The hipster bar? The smelly restaurant? The club that doesn’t exist?

There is only one way to find out: spend Sunday backtracking up and down Manhattan, reliving an evening of high drama to find Ruby’s missing Blahnik stiletto.

Available from: Amazon and Amazon UK.

About Christine

Christine has been in the fashion industry for 20 years, and has been writing for 15. Which says more about Christine’s ADD than it does about either fashion or publishing. She lives in Los Angeles with her two children and her long-suffering husband, who moved with her from Brooklyn to LA so she could pursue a career in film. You see how well that worked out.

Finally, the two sides of her life meet with Fashion Avenue Mysteries. She figures she has enough material to continue the series for another 15 years, if you all have the patience to keep reading.

Contact Christine via her website, Twitter, or Facebook!



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  1. Lizzy, just had to pass this along to you and your crew …

    I was sitting in a mall this morning checking out your site when a woman passed by behind me. Apparently she caught a glimpse of the “Guerrilla Wordfare” header and without really looking at the page asked me, “Are you reading a terrorist website?”

    I had a good chuckle then answered, “Yeah, because so many terrorists are camouflaging themselves in pink.”


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