Book Feature and Giveaway: “Ladybug Blue” by Laura Yirak

Please welcome newcomer Laura Yirak to Lizzyland!  Today, I’m featuring her children’s book, Ladybug Blue, and giving two lucky winners the chance to win any of her books! Check out her Amazon author’s page – she also writes thrillers and paranormal romance!

To enter the drawing to win your choice of one of Laura’s books: obey the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. It’s smarter than me and never loses track of people. Ha!

Ladybug Blue is an Amazon Children’s Bestseller and Hot New Release!   Red, yellow, green, bright hues, exchange colors with Ladybug Blue. There’s a problem outside and this cute bug is going to fix it by swapping colors.

This is a fun and colorful, fully illustrated ebook, for ages 18 months and up.

Purchase from: Amazon or Amazon UK.

About Laura

Laura spent her early years in Scotland attending a very old and supposedly haunted Catholic school. The place terrified her, but she loved the idea that there was a ‘Headless Nun’ roaming the halls. In her pre-teens she moved to the United States. She spent her first two years in college writing poetry, and managed to lose her entire collection. She knows it’s out there somewhere. Writing is her passion. She is currently working on a psycho-thriller set on the Washington coast, a fully illustrated children’s book, and a collection of poems. Her inspiration for her children’s books comes from her two little ones. Her adult works–that’s where she likes to swim.

You can contact Laura via her big people blog, her tot blog, or through Twitter!

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