Random post: newest member of Lizzy’s (four-legged) team

We have a new puppy!  I love animals. This makes #3 for us (and one cat), which is really cool!  They help me write and keep me company during the day.  For those unfamiliar with my constant uploading of dog pics on Facebook, I’ve included pics below of my little furry friends!

This is Wookie.  He’s a (partially mentally disabled) 8.5 week old Shih Tzu and a runt.





Here is Parcha, my English Bulldog. She’s known as Potato to my facebook fans!





This is Tamale, a shiba inu I rescued from the pound about 6 years ago.





And this is the Godfather of the family, Tubbs, a super-sized cat.  He’s got a gland problem, which is why he looks like a fuzzy basketball.


6 thoughts on “Random post: newest member of Lizzy’s (four-legged) team

  1. They are all adorable but since there are now four but only two with food names or nick names, I think they should all have food nicknames.
    Parcha is Potato already
    Tamale is already a hot pepper
    Tubbs should be Orange
    And the mini-Chewie should be chocolate ^_^

  2. LOVE it!! If I had a bigger house I would have more than just my two little dogs! Sparky and Sheldon rock! My dad always used to say the reason he liked animals better than people was because with the animals he got unconditional love. They always were happy to see him 🙂 I didn’t get what he meant till I got my first dog from the city pound!

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