Book Feature and Giveaway: “Terra Incognita: The Abyss” by Joshua Corey Mays

Please welcome Joshua to Lizzyland! Today’s book feature and giveaway is a contemporary fantasy entitled “Terra Incognita: The Abyss,” the first book in a trilogy by Joshua Corey Mays. This is a fun one, for those who like their fantasy dark, about a young man who stumbles into a treasure hunt that could get him and those he loves killed, if he doesn’t find the magical items he seeks. (And I hear book two will be out really soon – I included a sneak peek of the cover!) Purchase from: Amazon or BN.

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Benjamin Harking is an independent teenager who often comes home from his boarding school to an empty house. During one lonely Christmas vacation, he finds a hidden room, secreted away beneath the stairwell. Inside is an ancient book that opens a doorway into a dark world of myth and magic. Forced on a quest for four magical items, Ben will face danger at every turn, meet new allies, and do whatever it takes to complete his goals before the evil Azothothus has a chance to exact his plans -the awakening of the primeval beings known only as the Hollow.

About Josh

“Hello, my name is Joshua Mays. Ever since I was about 16, writing was the only thing that made sense to me. Call it a penchant for something I was good at, or just nature. I’m not really sure. Either way, I didn’t start taking myself seriously until last year when i decided to give up my childish ways of partying and such to write a novel.

It took me about a year to finish it, and then i decided it wasn’t good enough. Now, I’m in the process of rewriting the whole thing from scratch and my enthusiasm was so great that i decided to self publish it in pieces. I guess i just got tired of the waiting. I just published the first part (of three) of my novel titled Terra Incognita.

Its a story of a young man who discovers a way into a forbidden world sealed off from our own thousands of years ago. All the stories and myths we’ve heard can exist in some fashion here. Ben (The main character) finds himself caught in the middle of a situation where one man is trying to resurrect an ancient evil that lies in the very hearts of all mankind: The hollow. All he wants is to get home, but in order to do so, he has to go through the very thing that threatens this world.

Its and epic journey in a world that allows me a lot of freedom to create as i see fit. I like to think of it as a sand box story, because there is a way to make everything work here as long as I use a fair amount of tact.

It is my goal to be a successful, working writer and hopefully move on to other endeavors with the skills and talent I learn by writing.” From Josh’s official Amazon bio.

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6 thoughts on “Book Feature and Giveaway: “Terra Incognita: The Abyss” by Joshua Corey Mays

  1. Funny – I have this one, just haven’t read it! Now it’s on the top of my list since you recommended it. Oh and before I forget – I’m reading that Steven King book – Bag of Bones and I don’t really like it! I prefer your writing to his… the whole time that I am trying to read it, I keep thinking – Lizzy should be bigger than him, her books are SO much better. And for those dorks who say you ramble (which I don’t think you do) they should try reading this thing! I have a hard time figuring out what is going on!

    • Haha – this made me laugh! Someday, maybe I’ll have the privelege of sharing a spot in the top of bookland with Stephen King. Until then, I’ll continue to daydream … thank you so much!! 🙂

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