Best eBooks of 2011: Shea MacLeod Collection

Time for the sixth installment of our Best eBooks of 2011!  Today, I’m featuring the Shea MacLeod collection.  Shea is a fantastic new paranormal romance and post-apocalyptic paranormal romance author.  Her two series, Dragon Wars and Sunwalker Saga, are both well-written and fresh.  My personal fave: “Dragon Warrior.”  The winner of today’s giveaway will win all four of Shea’s books!  Drop by her blog and say hello!  I’ll draw winners Monday for this one!

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Sunwalker Saga

Danger is always on the menu for Morgan Bailey, a sexy and street-smart bounty hunter, who prowls the dark underworld of Portland, Oregon hunting creatures of the night. Morgan’s never met a vampire she couldn’t dust or a demon she couldn’t kill until she’s hired to destroy a new kind of mystical threat: the Sunwalker.

A powerful immortal once believed myth, the Sunwalker carries with him an ancient secret which, if left unchecked, will destroy Morgan’s world. Pursued by a passionate Templar Knight and the target of the local vampire clans, an ancient power is awakened within her, unlike anything she’s ever known. Morgan must uncover the truth behind her mission and about herself, before the Darkness lurking inside swallows her whole.

Purchase from: Amazon, BN, or iTunes.

Vampire hunter Morgan Bailey’s life is about to take a turn for the weird. As if Sunwalkers, a Templar Knight, and an ancient Atlantean artefact weren’t enough.

When a MI8 analyst is brutally murdered, Morgan is called to London to investigate. She stumbles across a conspiracy involving an extinct supernatural race. Dragons. But the dragons may not be as extinct as everyone thought.

The Darkness grows inside her. A new power rages out of control. She is stalked through the streets of London by the vampire who murdered her.

Morgan must hunt her own killer. She must uncover the truth. Or humanity will be plunged into a war it can never hope to win.

Purchase from: Amazon, BN, or iTunes.

Morgan Bailey is looking forward to a nice, quiet birthday.  Fate has other plans.

A psychotic sidhe is on the loose: A fairy so powerful, not even a Hunter can stop him. But with the help of the Fairy Queen, Morgan is determined to try. She soon finds herself crashing a steampunk party, hunting down rednecks, having tea with a genie king, and battling Mongolian Death Worms.

Unfortunately there is more to the sidhe’s plans than meets the eye and his endgame spells disaster not just for his own people, but for human kind as well.

Purchase from: Amazon, or Smashwords.

Dragon Wars

A man without a past. A woman without a future. A world destroyed by monsters. All that’s left is hope.

In Rain Mauri’s post-apocalyptic world there are no shades of gray to survival. Until she meets a Dragon Warrior and discovers nothing is as simple as it seems. Together, Rain and the Dragon Warrior must uncover the truth behind the nightmare their world has become. Their quest will put them in the crosshairs of a ruthless enemy, but with her determination and his skill, they might just save their race from destruction. If they can save each other first.

Purchase from: Amazon, BN, or iTunes.

16 thoughts on “Best eBooks of 2011: Shea MacLeod Collection

    • You’re welcome. I try to find authors who are also approachable and good to their readers. 🙂 You’ve been entered into the drawing!

  1. I LOVE that you constantly give us new authors!! I am always looking for new stuff to read and your site is the first one I check!!

    • That’s so cool, Jessica! I’m really happy you find new good authors here. I’ve scheduled book features (I think 2 a week) for the next three months. I had such awesome feedback from readers who loved meeting new authors and finding new books. I try to pre-screen everyone I feature, just to make sure they’re responsive to readers and have a quality book. There are just so many books out there!! LOL

      You’ve been entered into the drawing!

  2. What a great sounding series to be added to the “to Read” list! She sounds like a great writer, a great person, and an inspiration to writers with dragons in mind ^_^

  3. Thanks for the introduction to a new author. I’m adding her to my TBR list now. The books sound great…and I especially love series!

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