Best eBooks of 2011: M. Edward McNally Collection

We’re drawing down on the Best eBooks of 2011 series, with only two more collections to give away! Today, I’m featuring M. Edward McNally, an epic fantasy author whose books remind me a lot of what I read in high school. Ed’s wit shines through his books, and I found myself laughing in several parts of “The Sable City,” if for no other reason than because I’ve corresponded with him enough to appreciate his unique sense of humor! If you enjoy fantasy in its purest form, you’ll love Ed’s work! I’ll post the winner of Ed’s three books on Saturday! Visit Ed at his blog or Facebook page!

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The Norothian Cycle

Volume One of the Norothian Cycle.  Muskets, Magic, and Matilda Lanai.

Tilda Lanai has trained for years to take her place among the Guilders of the Miilark Islands, but now the Trade House she is to serve is imperiled by the absence of a legitimate Deskata heir. Scenting blood in the water, rival Houses begin to circle. The desperate search for an exiled heir takes Tilda across a war-torn continent and to the gates of the Sable City, where centuries ago dark magic almost destroyed the world. Along with a sinister sorceress, a broken-hearted samurai, and a miscreant mercenary long on charm but lousy with a crossbow, Tilda must brave the demon-infested ruins. Only then can she find John Deskata, who may not want to be found at all.

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The Second Book of the Norothian Cycle, and the sequel to “The Sable City.”

After a narrow escape from the Sable City, Tilda and company have arrived in Souterm, where the Duchess Claudja is able to contact the Emperor and announce that her home realm of Chengdea has accepted the Code. While such an acceptance may stave-off invasion by Ayzantine forces, King Hughes of Daul will not take the betrayal well, and a new war threatens to erupt between the Empire and the River Kingdom.
Meanwhile, Nesha-tari learns that she must perform additional tasks for her Blue Dragon Master before she will be allowed to return home. Together with others in the Dragon’s service, the sorceress must enter the murderous world of Ayzant politics, where Crown, Church, and Cult vie for power.

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The third volume of the Norothian Cycle, wherein the exile, Jonathan Deskata, returns home to the Islands of Miilark. Sometimes late is not better than never.
With the Trade House disbanded during John’s absence and his Law Sister, Rhianne, reduced to poverty, the last of the Deskatas have no choice but to take up the ancient Island right of the blood vendetta, and turn to piracy on the high seas. The people of Miilark say that the Wind governs all lives, and the course upon which John and Rhianne are blown will bring them into conflict with worse things than enemy Houses. But with a little luck, John will cross paths with some old friends as well.

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  1. Well now I have to put another author on my list of “to read”. I just finished the Heather Adkins books Abigail and Temple!

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