New Releases: Damian’s Immortal, Holiday Bundles

Woohoo!  Damian’s Immortal is out!

***Update: Damian’s Immortal is now available on Barnes and Noble, too! Link below!***

It’s available on Amazon and Smashie right now, and should be available on Barnes and Noble today/tomorrow.  It’ll hit iTunes in about two weeks. Links below:



 Barnes and Noble

War of Gods trilogy (ebook and paperback) 

*** Update: the War of Gods trilogy is now available on Barnes and Noble, and the paperback is available from Createspace, too! Link below!***

This bundle consists of all three books and is $4.99 for the ebook version and $14.99 for the paperback version.  The ebook version is available on Amazon and will be up on BN today/tomorrow for the Nook, and the paperback version should be up and ready on Monday on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle version

Barnes and Noble Nook version

Paperback version

Rhyn Trilogy

The Rhyn Trilogy bundle consists of the first two books (Katie’s Hellion and Katie’s Hope) and the short story, “Rhyn Trilogy: Origins” for $2.99.


Barnes and Noble

Enjoy, and thank you for your support! 🙂

36 thoughts on “New Releases: Damian’s Immortal, Holiday Bundles

  1. Just bought it….Can’t wait to sit and read it this weekend! I’m sure I will love it like I have all the others 😀

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Just finished Damian’s Immortal!! OMG!!! It was FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!! The best one yet not better than Rhyn but definitely worth the wait.. now the wait for the next one begins.. sigh it’s a never ending cycle but one I’m loving being on

    • This means a lot, coming from a diehard Rhyn fan! LOL 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it! I felt like Immortal really brought a lot of the first two books together … and it laid the foundation for book four. Yay! Lizzy 🙂

  3. i can’t way to read Damian’s Immortal!!! I’ve been waiting so long guess 2 weeks more is mehhh xD I love your writing! Lizzy you’re books are my addiction!! Please keep feeding it!!

    • Aw … I’ll see if one of my friends can help me upload to the Apple store, because I have to go through Smashie otherwise. You have to have a Mac to upload to iTunes/iBooks, and we don’t. Someday … LOL Lizzy 🙂

  4. Just finished reading Damiens Immortal and i LOVED it! It was absolutely amazing and im looking foward to the grey god’s story even more now! I like how you portray all your characters and i cant help but fall in love with all of them! Thanks as always! 😀

    • You’re so welcome, Melina! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! I’m excited about book 4, too – this series has turned out pretty well. I’m happy with it. LOL Lizzy 🙂

  5. I loved it especially the dynamic between Damian and Sophia and I loved Yully and Jule together!Great job!Can’t wait until May for the 4th one please give us a sneak peek!:)

  6. Just downloaded my copy of Damian’s Immortal. I took a quick peek at the first page. The spacing of the words seems really close together? Is the font changed as well?

    On the upside, I love the cover you have for the War of Gods Bundle. That is fabulous.

    • Hi Sheila – hmmm …. the spacing and font should be the same for Immortal as for the others. I usually use Arial 11, but I think you can adjust the size of the words with your ereader…. I do that on my Kindle when my eyes get tired. If that doesn’t work, let me know. I can adjust it and send you a PDF version … And yay about the War of Gods cover! It’s beautiful! Another gem from Dafeenah. I’m a fan of grey, so I was over the moon when she sent me the mock-up!! Lizzy 🙂

      • You are right. My kiddo messed with my Nook Color settings. I did not even know she had the password….hmmmm.

        Sorry for the premature question.

        • No worries! I’m glad it was a simple fix. I was starting to panic that maybe there was something wrong with the formatting … haha! Lizzy 🙂

  7. Hey Lizzy! I just got the chance today to join ur mailing list n i was wandering if i could receive the PDF version of Damian’s Immortal cos anxious as i was to read, i went crazy looking for its free online PDF downloads but didnt find any so i was just hoping if i could get some help from u as to where to get it from….hope its ok with u:)

  8. “You can have her over my dead body”. “And mine,” Jule said and materialized with two others. He held out his hand, and Yully went to him. “And mine,” Dusty said. “Mine, too,” Darian echoed.
    LOVED this part!! i literally dont have ANY words to describe how much i enjoyed reading this book…it was fun, adventurous, n mostly, creative! i just ADORE reading stuff about magic n all n despite the fact that i have TONS of rev. tests going on n assignments to submit, i managed to read it all at once; couldn’t sit patiently till i read it till d end! im AMAZED at how creatively u create ur characters, Lizzy:) especially Jule, like i loved the way hes so…sweet, the only word that suites him most, i mean guys never act or behave as kindly n sweetly like that n its fun to have to read something like that….once again, GREAT work! ope u all d best for the rest of ur work too:) tc

    • Thanks, Rayan!! I really liked Jule. He’s not emo like a lot of my characters, so he was a perfect contrast for Yully. That poor woman. :-/ But, she got a happy ending!! Now, The Grey God is next … woohoo!! Lizzy 🙂

      • Yeah hes more of the ‘cool’ kind..never worrying about anything…n i liked Yully; shes an interesting character n a hard to make too:) but u did a great job with it!:) n yes, the grey good…cant wait for that one either! though more than anyone else i find Darian the most strongest of all…poor guy, been thru so much yet he still hold it up but u know stuff like that actually HAPPENS to ppl, n some r just born to be tortured, they thrive on it somehow…btw i told another of my classmates about ur books n she loved the plots n stuff n as she isnt really the reading-kind, she asked me to tell her the whole books cos she wont read them herself n so, i actually have started telling her every chapter [as ive read d books a czillion times:P]of D’s Oracle n she loves it n says she finds u a very interesting! tc:) person:)

  9. Hey lizzy!
    Um a great fan of damian n rhyn series and had also read all ur other books.. Haven’t got a chance to read damian’s immortal yet b’coz of my xams.. I had already joined ur mailing least previously and was wondering if i can get damian’s immortal by mail on my id for free.. I hope its ok..
    I really love ur books, u r awesome.. Just keep more books coming..

  10. Woohoo… Js completed damian’s immortal.. Thanks for e-mailing..
    Superb, excellent, awesome.. U r very imaginative, i just love ur books.. The bonding between 4 brothers i js luv.. Do tell when next book is coming n also about others to come.. God! Can’t wait..

    • Thanks, Tina! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it! The next book will be out in May. I just posted my tentative publishing schedule on my site! Woohoo! Going to be an awesome year!

  11. Hi lizzy! I really love your books! i cant stop reading them, including the rhyn trilogy. really looking forward to reading damian’s immortal but i cant find a free pdf online. hahaha! Im looking forward for the Rhyn’s Redemption release 🙂 great job lizzie! 😀

  12. Hi Lizzy. i am huge fan of urs and really really love reading ur books.can i get a free pdf version from somewhere?i have searched all over the net but couldnt find it.and u cant imagine how anxious i am to read it.any site or anything where i can get this free?

    • Hi Natasha! I sent you one for Damian’s Immortal. Let me know if it didn’t make it to you or if it was the wrong one!!!

  13. Hi Lizzy! I really love ur books. Your all books are superb and excellent . Oh God! I just love to read them .I am desperately waiting for Rhyn’s redemption really looking forward to reading damian’s immortal but i cant find a free pdf online. Can you please share the ebook with me as well???

  14. Is there a free PDF version of this one online?? I read the other two and LOVED them. I really want to complete the series! I have searched all over and haven’t been able to find a free version for this one. Is there one anywhere??

  15. Hi Lizzy! I love ur books so much! But its diffcult getting them to read as I live in Nigeria…enjoyed d ones I ve read so much! Was literally at d edge of my seat…and there s no pdf available online for damians immortal n d continuation of the rhyn trilogy…wud love to knw how I can get more of ur books…tnx….

    • Hi Cynthia! Just send me an email, and we can send you the PDF of Damian’s Immortal! The next Rhyn book will be out in September, so I’d say just to email whenever something new comes out. Otherwise, I won’t remember to send it. Haha!

  16. HeY…..Lizzy can i also get a free link for damians immortal.From where can i download it……..
    plz help.!!!I am dying for reading it…

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