New Release: Elle’s Journey, young adult fantasy

Woohoo!  “Elle’s Journey” (Book I, The Foretold Trilogy) is now available from Amazon!  This is the first book in The Foretold Trilogy, a young adult fantasy series.

Links to Elle’s Journey: Amazon US, Amazon UK.

I’m experimenting with Amazon’s new Select program by enrolling the book in about a week.  The program requires exclusivity for 90 days, so I’m not posting it on BN or iTunes or Smashie for about 3 months.  I will be running contests soon to win copies!

For those on my mailing list: you should’ve received an email today with details on how to get copies for your ereader and links!

Synopsis: When Elle is spirited away from everything she knows, she soon finds that starving might be a blessing compared to the evil following her and the danger ahead of her. She is guided by the Hunter – a young man haunted by a dead woman, and the Shadow – a creature at war with himself. The Protector travels from the West to help her, only to be led astray by an imposter. It is only when Elle seeks help from the Betrayer that she realizes none of them will survive, if she can’t unite the Five Foretold and find the five magestones.




12 thoughts on “New Release: Elle’s Journey, young adult fantasy

  1. Hey Lizzy, i just finished reading Elle’s Journey n i just have one word for it….beautiful! it was a very very very creative and beautifully imagined piece of work written. And as i said earlier, im really interested in stuff about magic n auras n things like that…especially the thing about the great expanse changing itself like its houses n roads n all that, it was what i liked the most about the book; it was very creative of you….n im guessing you’re gonna make me, along with all your other readers, go nuts by waiting for the next book in this trilogy; it was soooooo interesting! n you know reading about Elle as the ‘mage’ somehow reminded me of ‘Abraham the mage’ which was actually a real person who existed a LONG time ago….anyways, hope you well for the rest of it:) tc:)

    • Awesome, Rayan! I’m happy you liked it! I was a bit worried, because it is different from what I normally write. My muses thank you for appreciating their hard work. Hahahaha … I feel like I don’t control what I write much – it’s The Muses that come up with the awesome concepts like the Great Expanse. Thanks so much for always providing your feedback – I really do appreciate it! Lizzy 🙂

      • You know ill always like WHATEVER you like…lol. And its always a good thing to write something different, something un-usual that the stuff we mostly come across n happy new year, a year i hope alot will bring the most for you:) tc:)

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  3. Hey Lizzy =) I checked my email and when I saw this I was like WOOH!!!! =D
    I love this new series and Elle is a lovely character to follow along with throughout the book. I really do not like Lena she is so mean. The destinys of the Five Foretold are so exciting I can’t wait to find out more, so please publish the 2nd book quick =)

    • Thanks, Jessica! I’m glad you enjoyed Elle’s Journey. I don’t like Lena either. Haha … I probably shouldn’t be biased but I guess I am. LOL … I’m thinking the second book will be out in late spring/early summer! Yay! Lizzy 🙂

  4. Hi Lizzy,
    I’ve just finished Elle’s Journey – it’s very different from all your other books so I can see why you published under a different name – but I loved it! It was a lot more complex than your other books (and I’ve read all of them 🙂 ) with all the interconnecting story lines – I was completely hooked.
    It’s a great book to start the new year – I really can’t wait for the next installment… and all of the rest of the books you have promised this year 😀
    Nicki x

    • Thanks, Nicki! Yes, Elle was a very different book! I was really worried folks wouldn’t like it, so I’m happy you do!! I’ve always always always loved writing fantasy, so I thought I’d test the waters for it this year with this series. But don’t worry – I’ve got more paranormals planned, too! LOL Lizzy 🙂

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