Book feature: YA fiction author Catherine Stine launches “Fireseed One”

Please welcome Young Adult fiction author Catherine Stine to Lizzyland!  Today is the official launch of Catherine’s latest novel, Fireseed One, a YA sci-fi thriller.  Fireseed One is available from Amazon and iTunes.  Interested Nook owners can email Catherine directly for a discounted version! Email:  As part of her official launch, Catherine’s hosting a blog hop, so check out her blog for links to places offering giveaways, excerpts, etc.!

What if the only person who could help you save the world was your very worst enemy?

It’s 2089. High seas have replaced Arctic ice, and the USA is a lethal Hotzone, cutoff by an insurmountable border from its northern, luckier neighbors, Ocean and Land Dominion. It is rumored that roving desert nomads will kill for a slice of insect loaf, and that the ZWC, a dangerous activist group, has infiltrated theborder to the northern Dominions.

Up in Ocean Dominion, all Varik Teitur wants is to party on Snow Angel Island with his trendy friend, Audun, and flirt with the college girls he dreams of joining next year in his quest to become a doctor. Instead, he inherits a vast sea farm, following the death of his marine biologist father. Soon after, a shrewd terrorist, Marisa Baron breaks into the farm’s secret seed vault and someone poisons the agar crops, the world’s food source. In order to save the last, ailing seedlings, Varik is forced to journey to the Hotzone in search of Fireseed, a hybrid his father supposedly developed with almost magical properties.

Varik takes Marisa. Aside from being a member of the ZWC, she’s the beautiful, rich daughter of real estate mogul, Melvyn Baron. Oddly, she knows lots about Fireseed, and which desert land Varik’s father bought to test the crop, before becoming embittered. Might the refugees in Vegas-by-the-Sea have some leads, orthe bizarre Fireseed cult that worships Varik’s dead father? Varik must risk burning alive, as his mother did, to save the ailing agar, and the world.

*With nine illustrations by the author. This YA thriller has crossover appeal.

About Catherine: Catherine Stine’s new YA futuristic thriller, Fireseed One launched on December 2nd, 2011, with nine original illustrations by the author. A sequel is underway. Her first YA novel, Refugees, earned a New York Public Library Best Book and a featured review and interview in Booklist. Middle grade novels include The End of the Race in the Wild at Heart series and A Girl’s Best Friend in the Innerstar University series. She is also an illustrator and painter, whose work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia and Miami.  Stine hails from Philadelphia, and lives in New York City.

You can reach Catherine via her website, blog, Facebook, or Goodreads.

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