Book feature and giveaway: “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate” by Caedem Marquez

Welcome to Lizzyland, Caedem!  His book has chocolate in the title, so you know it’s good!  Ha!  Today’s feature is Caedem Marquez’s “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate.”

Caedem’s book is available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Chocolate shop owner Rachel McDaniel buried herself in her work after the death of her boyfriend. Three years later, she’s not ready to rejoin the world–but the world is more than ready for her. Three men are competing for her, including handsome writer, Daniel Martinez, who rekindles feelings Rachel thought were buried.

Compelling and rugged stranger, Matthew Danforth, hints that all is not well with her love life but won’t tell her more, and Rachel finds herself losing her temper as she tempers her chocolate. Rachel must decide who to give her love to, and in the process, try and find closure and healing. It may come from the most unexpected place.

About Caedem: Caedem spends his time reading, writing and enjoying life. He has traveled to South America and over half of the states in the United States. One of his favorite trips was up Highway 1 in California.

He has made a 1,200 mile road trip on a whim, given his hand-made coat to a homeless man, and saved a friend that was about to drown. All these make him sound more interesting than he really is!

His greatest delight is meeting fans and sharing a laugh.

Caedem can be reached via his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Book feature and giveaway: “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate” by Caedem Marquez

  1. Lizzy – thank you so much for being so helpful and gracious in posting this.

    If I could give away a pound of chocolate and fudge with this giveaway, I would. 😉

    I hope anybody who reads this book, enjoys it.


  2. Loved the sample of this book, and loved the “boyfriend before christmas”! can’t wait to know what happens to Rachel and her life!

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