SEO Blogging Tips for Fun and Profit

SEO blogging tips pictureEven if you don’t put any effort or thought into SEO, there are a few SEO blogging tips you should keep in mind when you’re writing an article or making a landing page. You should never decrease the readability of your content in exchange to improve the SEO, but I’ve found that by having a small checklist of things that can help, I often find ways to use two or three of these methods in my pages.

For this article the term I’m trying to optimize for is “SEO blogging tips”. That is the first tip right there. Pick one term for your article or page and try to optimize for that and that alone. You can try to use a second term a few times in your article but you can really only have one as your main target. Once you’ve identified your target, here’s a list of things that can all help your on-page SEO.


Use your keyword in your page title and post title. Notice that SEO blogging tips is in both the title of this post and in the title of the page itself that you see in the tab at the top of your web browser.


Use your keyword in the page’s URL. If you have control over this make sure that your post title is “seo-blogging-tips-for-fun-and-profit” instead of “post?53535” which is the WordPress default.

Meta Tags

Make sure to put your keyword in the description meta tag and keywords meta tag. Make sure to keep your description tag under 160 characters and to only use 2 or three terms in your keyword tag. Stuffing your keyword meta tag is a big red flag to search engines that you might be trying to artificially increase your pages relevancy. If you use WordPress, make sure you download the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin to make this step quick and easy. If you’re taking the time to read an article on SEO blogging tips then you want that plugin 🙂


Try to use your keywords in headings (h1, h2 & h3 tags). In the line below I’m going to wrap my targeted phrase with a “<h2>” before it and a “</h2>” after it.

SEO Blogging Tips

That’s a medium sized HTML headline tag. If I had used a h1, the font would have been bigger. If I had used h3, the font would have been smaller. By default the title of my post is an H1 so I try not to use another H1 in my post but a well placed h2 or h3 with your keyword in your post helps a little but.

Keyword Density

This is probably the trickiest one of the bunch. Some people say your keyword density should be 1%, others say 5% and many say it’s in between those numbers. While you would like your density to be at least 1% I always keep it natural above all else. I can use SEO blogging tips several times in this article and still sound ok but if I injected it into every other sentence my content would come off as spam and I wouldn’t turn readers into fans which would defeat the purpose of bringing them to your site in the first place.


If you’re going to use your term a few times in your article, try to spread out it. Have one near the beginning, one towards the end and then in the middle as needed. Having them bunched into one area could make it look like you’re trying to artificially raise your keyword density.

Alt tags

One of the easiest of the SEO blogging tips to do, and it never gets in the way of your content! Make sure you use a picture in each one of your posts and make sure the alt tag contains your targeted keyword. the alt tag for the picture with this article is “SEO blogging tips picture”.


You can use your targeted keyword as part of the the anchor text in a link.

Bold or Italicized

Try to make one usage of your keyword bold or italicized. I rarely do both to avoid making the page look unnatural.

The last tip is the most important tip of all. Don’t do each of these things in every post! Doing too much of any of these things can make it appear to Google like you’re trying to artificially inflate your keyword relevancy.

Even if you’re not a big believer in SEO, it’s always easy to make a keyword bold, insert a picture and make sure you use your keyword in your title. Doing a few of these in every post will help your page rank higher in Google’s search engine results and may help bring visitors to your site. If you know any good SEO blogging tips I didn’t mention here let me know!

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  1. I can second all these tips, especially about using images and such. I get as many search engine views for my images as I do my reading content. As always, Matt, keep rockin’ those tips. Much appreciated.

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