Interview with Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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Today’s interview is of Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club , a romance-only book club out of San Francisco, California.  Steph’s club is dedicated to informing readers about the newest and hottest books in romance.  Her website also sponsors author interviews and GIVEAWAYS, some of our favorite things in Lizzyland!  She has multiple links to sites with free ebooks, contests for free books,  free goodies as well as hosts giveaways on her own site.  (I love free stuff!)

Check out her site!  Here’s Steph’s interview!

1. Your world is reading, reviewing, blogging, heck– breathing! – romance books.  Paranormal has probably been THE biggestsubgenre in romantic fiction for a couple of years.  Any insight into the next big thing in paranormal?  We’ve cycled through highlanders, vampires,werewolves, trolls – what would you like to see next?

Lately, I have noticed many books on angels and dragons appearing.  I also think urban fantasies have a lot in common with paranormal romances and do a lot of ‘crossover’ reading.  The worldbuilding in romance books has really grown. Authors are really creating long spanning stories that go on for several books and are very complex.  In this case I have a bit mixed feelings.  While I would like to keep my favorite characters/series going at some point I feel Iwould like a storyline where the plot ends in one book or in a trilogy.   I don’t like the trend that authors orpublishers have started to end many books with cliffhangers at the end.  I feel it is cheating the fans a bit. 

2. For romance in general, I think we’ve seen a dramatic increase in erotica and in graphic content,, even in mainstream romances.  Do you think there is still a place for sweet romance?

Yes, there definitely is.  Most people who love romance want a romantic story.  But I think they have to be marketed differently, now publishers push the more sensational books.    That being said, I think erotic books are more daring, inventive, sexy and generally quicker/easier to read.  Modern woman have more limited time and having a ‘quickie’ is often very satisfying.  

3. Who are your favorite romance authors?  Any cool stories about meeting them?

Christine Feehan is a big favorite of mine.  Everything she writes is a solid and entertaining read.  I met her at a RWA meeting and got a picture with her.  I couldn’t believe how personable and nice she is!!  Another person who is wonderful to meet is Sabrina Jeffries, she is always very open and talkative with her fans.  Some authors are introverted but most want to meet their fans and are very welcoming.

4. Have you “met” any characters recently that really resonated with you?

I like when I get emotionally involved in the characters.  I just read a book last month by Virna De Paul called Chosen By Blood. It reminded me of books by J.R. Ward.  I thought the characters were amazing.  I liked that the author really made them feel human with insecurities and issues that most people can empathize with and even get emotional over. 

In Chosen By Blood, the heroine is dying and doesn’t tell the hero. She wants to find answers to her past before she dies but finds out the hero is marked to die.  She gives up her dreams to try to protect him.  I loved the angst and suffering in the story that makes you long for them to find happiness together.

5. How often does your site do giveaways? (Yay for freebies!)

Yes!  We have several book giveaways every month.  Everymonth we try to update new freebies for readers.  Our site  also has a continuous list offreebies from authors and publishers. 

Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to be on your site! 🙂

You’re so welcome, Steph!

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