Interview with “Reading the Paranormal’s” Kelly, mad-reader and reviewin’ fool

I met Kelly of Reading the Paranormal in a smoky online chat room … no, wait, that’s not quite right.  Actually, it was Twitter, which can sometimes feel like a smoky online chat room.  Anyway, Kelly is the same kind of freak of nature I am, only she reads like a fiend where I write like a fiend.  She’s reviewed every one of my books, and the books of about a zillion other paranormal romance authors on her blog.  Go check her out her reviews of my books – she’s a riot!

1. You read a lot of books.  No, really, like TONS of books!  I don’t
know if my readers know just how many, but I’m guessing a dozen a week.
And you review many of them!  How many do you average and how the heck do
you find the time to read and review so many?

I read ridiculously fast.  Like, circus freak fast.  So, yeah.  I’ve read A LOT of books this year.  I’m also incredibly lucky that I have a job with a lot of downtime where I can sit there and lose myself in a book.  Let’s see, I’ve read over 400 books this year already so… I read nearly 10 books a week.

Whoa.  I didn’t realize that.  I guess you really do learn something new every day. I
find that I have to put myself on a somewhat strict schedule when it comes to
reviewing.  Since I do review every book I read, if I let myself fall behind the books start running together in my head before I get my thoughts down.

Completely randomly, I have a set of rules as to what books I can count toward my overall
reading goals.  I call it “Kelly’s Rules for Counting in the New Millennium”.  It involves such complex thoughts as “the same book cannot be counted twice in the same calendar year”.  Umm… that’s actually the entire set of rules.  I guess I need to rename it “Kelly’s Rule for Counting in the New Millennium”.  That sounds lame.  I have to think up some additional rules now.

2. Since you’re constantly exposed to romance books, what are you noticing as far as the next big thing?  The industry lately has run through paranormal and dystopian.  Are you seeing anything in particular start to emerge or any long-neglected niche?

I keep crossing my fingers that sexy sci-fi will be the next big thing.  Aliens! Spaceships! Sweet, sweet lovin’ in outer space!  How can people resist that combo?  More to the point, why would they want to?

I have been coming across a lot of demon and angel books.  Personally, I tend to read more on the demon side of the spectrum.  I like my heroes to be bad boys who are looking for redemption.  Tortured, tormented … those are my guys.

3. I saw on your website you participate in reading challenges.  What’s been
your most fun challenge to complete?  Any war stories?

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but I completed nearly all the reading
challenges so quickly that I upped the goals on each of them by ridiculous
amounts.  One of my favorite challenges this year was Steampunkery & Book Reviews’ Morbid Romantica Challenge.  I got to read about Highlanders, Demons, Assassins, Zombies and Tormented Heroes (and SO MUCH MORE!) all in the name of this challenge.  It’s like book candy for my brain!

As for war stories, I honestly can’t think of any.

4. What advice do you have for authors about seeking reviews?

My biggest advice is to do your homework on the blogger you’re sending the request
to before you send it.  Make sure your book fits the genres I read before you ask me to review it.  For the record, I so rarely read contemporary non-paranormal books that it’s become a running joke in my reviews when I do.  My second piece of advice is to have a little patience.  I read quickly, but I do have a life outside of blogging.  In theory.  Okay, fine.  I spend way too much time buried in either a book or on Twitter.  Way to twist my arm to get that piece of info out. =P

5. Do you have a favorite book?  How about a favorite author?

I love, love, love Moira Rogers’ writing.  She consistently gives us strong characters – both male and female – in interesting settings.  Her werewolves are to die for.  Almost literally.

I met Jodi Redford through Twitter and she’s quickly moved to the top of my favorite authors list.  Her book Maximum Witch had a shark shifter as the main character.  I didn’t
think a shark would be sexy, but Jodi absolutely pulled it off.

I also love Kelley Armstrong, Jeaniene Frost, Nalini Singh, Kim Harrison, Sherrilyn Kenyon … yeah, I can keep going on this question.  All night.

As for a favorite book… I can’t pick just one.  Books I keep going back to re-read are Lover Avenged and Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward (Rehvenge and Zsadist are totally my book boyfriends, just so you know), Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (this book single-handedly changed the way I look at 1st person narratives), and… there are so many more that they’re making my head spin.

What can I say? I love books!

Kelly can be reached at her blog, Twitter, or Goodreads!

13 thoughts on “Interview with “Reading the Paranormal’s” Kelly, mad-reader and reviewin’ fool

  1. Hey Kelly!
    Holy Lord! I knew you were posting that you had finished books in what seemed like abnormally fast time frames, but day-amn! I only wish I could read as fast as you do! I would have a heck of a smaller “to-read” pile fo sho! So glad you represented Jodi! She rocks my socks! And, yes, she couldn’t have pulled off Max any better than she did! I have my first Moira Rodgers to read after hearing so much hype. I am really looking forward to starting that one! Should be soon now! The others I have heard of and have in my “to-read” pile, but just haven’t quite made it there yet. But I am working toward it – I’m determined, Yo! I will get through that pile! Thanks for the interview! I enjoyed reading more about you – you know besides all of our hilarious, fun, whackado convos on Twitter! 😀

  2. Awesome interview and yeah, what Amanda said… that pretty much sums it up. Guess I will have to add to your title now. So, you are now officially a Freakish Professional Speed Reading Demon 😉

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