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fiverr tips

The Things People Do For $5

For those who haven’t tried it yet, is a site where people from all over the world post things that they are willing to do for $5. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing articles about my experiences with specific fiverr gigs.  This article will just be some general fiverr tips. Fiverr ends up keeping $1 for playing the middle man and the service provider gets $4. Using Paypal makes the process extremely fast and simple. The first question that probably popped into your mind when you first heard about Fiverr was “Is there anything on there that I would want or could help me?” The answer is probably yes, but you have to sift through a lot of other stuff to find them. I’m going to give a few fiverr tips on finding quality services and avoiding services which can do more harm than good.

A quick glance at the front page of fiverr shows that your hard earned $5 can buy you a video of a stuffed monkey saying your message, a physic reading and an attractive female who will claim to be your girlfriend on Facebook for a month. I’m not sure how Lizzy would feel about that last one. 🙂 The first of the Fiverr tips I will give is that instead of looking for a life changing service, you should look for things that you could do yourself but would rather not due to time involved (with things like directory submissions) or due to lack of skill (like me with graphic design). A lot of people write off fiverr as a lot of junk, the same way I used to hear people make the same claim about eBay 13 years ago. I think that they are completely missing the point.

If you start working on your site’s SEO and decide that you want your site submitted to 30 different internet directories, you can do it yourself or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you. If you decide that the task is going to take you two hours to do, and you decide you would rather pay someone $2.50 an hour to do it for you, then you can find a well reviewed service provider to do it for you. That’s another big fiverr tip: make sure you check the providers reviews. Reviews aren’t a guarantee, as there are groups who provide fake fiverr reviews just like any other site on the internet.  However, if someone has a lot of positive reviews, then you should feel relatively safe. I also make sure to read the negative reviews for any hidden “gotcha’s” that aren’t discussed in the listing’s description. The good part is that – worst case with a service like this – you’re out 5 bucks. We’re going to talk about a few other bad scenarios in a bit.

The thing I love about fiverr is that I’ve been wanting to dabble in outsourcing for about a year, but it seemed little daunting to get started. Fiverr lets you take advantage of outsourcing without lengthy searches and without any commitments. There are a lot of “full service” businesses that charge a high fee and then hire multiple “sub-contractors” on fiverr. If you know reliable providers, it’s a great idea. For most of us that’s overkill though. We only have a few tasks that we don’t feel comfortable doing or don’t have the time to do. I’m going to talk about a few types of services that are a good idea and a few that are not so good.

Fiverr Tips : Good things to outsource

Graphics work – For me, this is the biggest no brainier on Fiverr. I use Photoshop or GIMP several times a week but I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I would much rather pay a few dollars to someone like Dafeenah and get something that looks great rather than spend an hour or two myself and end up with something that looks like a first graders art project.

Website / RSS directory submissions – These aren’t hard to do at all, but they can be time consuming. If you decide that you these things done you can spend some time or pay someone $5 while you read Lizzy’s books. 🙂

Press Release / Article submissions – The effectiveness of the press releases and article directories has plummeted since the Google update “Panda” earlier this year. They still MAY be worth doing, but they are extremely time consuming. If you can find someone to send your press release to 30 services for $5, that would save you some time.

Fiverr Tips : Bad things to outsource

Twitter followers – Anybody who has read me series of Twitter articles has no need for these services since I showed how to get targeted fans for free. 🙂 Still, there are a lot of people offering this service, so there must be a lot of people buying it. Long story short: the followers you get are going to be garbage. Regardless of what sellers say, the followers are likely not real people but rather fake accounts generated by automated bots. Even if they were real they would be random people rather than the specifically targeted people you can easily acquire yourself for free.

Facebook likes – These are tempting! Twitter followers are easy to get but Facebook likes take a lot of time and usually money. The lure of 1,000 new likes that somebody SWEARS are real people for only $5 seems like a no lose scenario. Every negative we discussed with Twitter applies to Facebook with a few extra bonus dangers at no additional charge. I said in the Twitter that the followers you got were likely real people. The scary part is that fake accounts are the better of the two alternatives! If they aren’t fake accounts, they are indeed going to be real people, real people whose accounts were tricked or hacked into following your account. When they notice that they are mysteriously following you when they never asked to, they aren’t going to be real happy.

When I decided to write this article, I spent some time in the seedy underbelly of the internet where people deal in things like Facebook likes to discover the methods. The “industry” standard was to provide about 90% fake accounts and 10% real people whose accounts would be hijacked with malicious code and made to like specific targets. Scary stuff which you should stay clear of.

Fiverr Tips : Dangerous things to outsource

Google +1 clicks – Trying to game Google is never a good idea, as the penalty for getting caught might be getting de-indexed in Google which is the internet equivalent of the death penalty. I read a post last week where a person bought 50 +1 clicks on his page from fiverr. The problem is that the 50 clicks came in a two hour period and all from IP addresses in India. His site was subsequently removed from Google. How’s this for the king of all fiverr tips: don’t do anything that may get your page removed from Google.

Anything that requires you giving someone Admin access to your site – This is a tricky one. About two months ago I discovered a WordPress plugin that I thought was worth buying. The plugin cost $20 to buy for your site or for $30 you could buy a “developer” license which let you install it on “client” sites. Since $5 is cheaper than $20 I decided to go to fiverr to try and find someone who had bought the developer license who could legally put it on our site.

I found two people on Fiverr who were advertising the plugin. I emailed the first seller and asked him if he had a legitimate developer license or if he was using a hacked version. He admitted that he was indeed using a hacked version so I thanked him for his honesty and went onto the next. The second seller stated that he had a legitimate developer license. The only caveat was that he needed temporary admin access to install the plugin on our site. The guy seemed legit but had no fiverr feedback and no website to point me to. Once someone has admin access to your site, they can modify any code they want, insert anything they want, etc. I decided that I just couldn’t risk giving someone access to our site’s backend just to save a few dollars.

I ended up buying the developers license of the plugin myself so I could install it on a friends site too. If I decide to try to install it as a fiverr service I’ll have to try to convince people that I can be trusted to go to their site, perform the installation and then leave without doing anything else. That would probably be worth its own article. 🙂 The morale of this story is if they need any type of access to perform the service, be VERY careful.

Links – buying back-links to your site is the trickiest fiverr service of them all to cover. I’ve talked about the dangers of buying links before so I won’t go into too much detail here.

A fiverr gig from a well reviewed seller that offers 10 links to your site that are manually acquired is probably safe. They aren’t likely to be relevant links so they probably won’t do too much to increase your site’s search engine visibility but they also probably won’t get you kicked out of Google.

On the opposite side of the link spectrum are the services which offer literally thousands of links to your site for $5. Some of these even claim (laughably) to be manually acquired. These can be every bit as dangerous as the +1 clicks we talked about earlier. If your site is an older and well established site that gets good traffic and natural links, then you may be able to survive a link bomb of this size. If however you have a new site or a site without a lot of traffic or links, there’s a much better chance Google will notice your newfound link bonanza and reward you with the dreaded “Google slap”.

I could easily find 100 website owners who have bought these services and had no ill effects, but I’m far too paranoid to try with our site.

This was intended to just be a general overview of fiverr tips for what’s safe and what’s not. Over the next few weeks I will be buying several fiverr services and posting my experiences here. If you’ve got any that you’ve had a good experience with feel free to post them here!!

14 thoughts on “Fiverr Tips

  1. You would be surprised at how easily people will give out their info on fiverr. For the Facebook landing pages I do, I provide a detailed PDF set of instructions where the people can install themselves. I have had people get angry with me because I REFUSE to be given FULL access including username/password to their Facebook so I can install these for them. It’s a headache I don’t want lol

    Great tips and I look forward to more of these. I’ve had some “weird” experiences so far on Fiverr and would love to hear about someone else’s to know if it’s just me or if it’s truly how people are in general there.

  2. I got a lovely photo of a latte with my protagonist’s name on it, plus a crossword with keywords from the book, that I’ve been able to use a few times. Fiver is great for that kinda thing!

    I did not think about fiverr people having accounts!!! I am so naive.

    • There are a lot of fun little things on there. I haven’t bought any of the fun things yet but I have a few saved.

      And you would think that $4 a pop wouldn’t be enough to attract scam artists, but it SO is. Some people are making some serious cash on there.

      • PS, I left that comment on the new Kindle Fire. Gotta love the “autocorrect” demons that “help” us with our tablets. 🙂 I meant to say “hacking accounts.” Duh.

        Listing your blog on my WW post tonight.

        • It worked either way lol. I finally had to turn off auto-correct on my iPhone. Even though my spelling is horrible, it did nothing but frustrate me.

          And TY 🙂 Any big thanksgiving plans?

  3. Good article! I’m glad you’ve taken the time to check out Fiverr thoroughly. So many people unthinkingly buy those backlinking packages and then suffer the consequences.

    I hope when next you write about Fiverr you’ll mention our Best of Fiverr blog. We’ve been reviewing Fiverr gigs for well over a year now.

    A note about press releases: I’ve been working with them these last couple of months and what I’ve discovered is that all press release services are not created equal. What you’ll get on Fiverr is distribution to two dozen or so minor online sites. Your release won’t be on Google News. For that, you need to go with one of the serious press release sites like SBWire and it will cost you more than $5. (SBWire has a 30 day free trial where you can send one press release.) If you want distribution to actual press and media sources you will pay even more.

    Fiverr is great. I work with it every day. But there are still many tasks better done elsewhere.

    • I’ll be checking out your site today!!!

      Press releases are something that I’ve had a few people ask me to talk about but I’m not quite comfortable yet. I’ve been playing with them for a while now and have tried a few different things but I’m trying to find a happy medium between the low end ones and the services like PRweb which are cost prohibitive for most of us. I’ve got a few things I’m testing now and will be writing about them soon.

      Thanks for the kind words and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Very interesting read. Of course I live in innate fear of being undercharged and thus being guilt-ridden (like every time I hire Dafeenah!). It’s good to know that Fiverr has some great stuff to offer though.

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    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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