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The first fiverr gig I purchased was a “submit your site to 40 internet directories” offer from seller softtouch66. Since it was the first fiverr gig I purchased it might as well be our site’s first fiverr review. Let me first state that I don’t know softtouch66 and I’m not saying he provides the best service in this area. He is just who I choose to try for my first fiverr experience back in early September.

I ordered the service and was told that the expected delivery date was in three days. I did indeed get a “your order has been completed” notification three days later but there was an error stating that the attachment had been corrupted. I choose the “reject sellers work” button and asked for a re-upload of the attachment. Within five minutes the seller re-uploaded the report and I immediately accepted the work and left positive feedback. If you want to see what the report looked like I’ve included a picture of it in this post.

The report has the name of the directory, the Pagerank of the site, whether the submission was only submitted or instantly listed (only five were instantly listed) and the URL for the five that were listed. One important note is that the Pagerank is for the site itself and not for the page which your link will be on. A lot of people will advertise your link on a site with a PR of 5, but then bury your link on a page of the site with a PR of 0 or 1. This isn’t a big issue, just something to keep in mind.

I didn’t think that this gig would make a huge difference in my search engine but I was curious to see which 40 sites the provider would submit my site to. I know that DMOZ and Yahoo are the two biggest directories but I thought that maybe I would discover one or two other good ones. The 40 the seller used are listed below with the sites Pagerank.

40 sites from this service

Sr Directory
1 3
2 3
3 4
4 4
5 2
6 3
7 4
8 3
9 5
10 3
11 3
12 2
13 4
14 2
15 4
16 3
17 6
18 5
19 4
20 5
21 5
22 5
23 3
24 4
25 4
26 4
27 4
28 4
29 4
30 5
31 4
32 4
33 4
34 4
35 4
36 4
37 4
38 4
39 4
40 3

I just checked the five submissions that were listed and four of the five URLs still have a link to my site. For the other 35 you’re basically taking the sellers word that they submitted your site to them. You could always check back in a few weeks but I never did. A bit on the lazy side, but hey, that’s why I’m using fiverr in the first place 🙂 I just check a few of the 35 and didn’t see our site there. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t submit them or that they’re not there, I just didn’t see them.

Fiverr Review Results

This particular service isn’t necessary but it’s not a bad idea or a waste of $5. The effect of having a site listed in minor directories is debatable but SEO firms still do it so it’s definitely not a bad idea. With these links you could do it yourself, but it wouldn’t be quick or fun. I would rate the general “directory submission” concept as a 4/5 but this particular seller as a 3/5. The 3/5 may be totally unfair but it’s hard to give any higher with 35/40 on the report having no URL and a quick glance at a few of them not showing up when I search. I’m also not going to give any lower grade because the report was well laid out and I don’t doubt that he submitted my URL to all 40 sites.

I would probably try a different seller next time just to compare results but that’s a reflection of my curiosity rather than his results. And remember, that’s the main joy of Fiverr, it’s only five bucks!!! I hope you enjoyed my first Fiverr review. I’ve got several more planned and if people like them I’ll keep reviewing them.

8 thoughts on “Fiverr Review – Directory Submission Service

  1. When I bought my domain, there was this submit for free to 50 or so directories. I took up that offer and submitted my domain. No clue to what all since it was in my control panel, but every so often I get the oddest search engine results so it must be working lool. I’ll have to check out these directories. Thanks for sharing the list and your review.

    Out of curiosity, do you get any feedback/msgs from the people you purchased from a long the way? Like a “thanks am working on it” or anything like that or is it just a “work completed” and no further discussion?

    • My host had a bunch of those freebie’s too but I never tried them. It’s amazing how jaded we’ve all become to “free” offers trying to suck us in lol.

      I’ve never gotten a status update, just a “it’s done”. I guess the very nature of the small services with short turnaround kinda forces that. What I LOVE is when a provider has a very clear “this is what I need to get started” auto reply to you buying and a “what to expect/FAQ” as well. This has to be a huge time saver for frequent sellers too.

  2. Thanks for the report on the directory submission gig.

    In looking at the directory listings, domain names seem to be all over the map. I only looked at one,, which has nothing to do with Hyde Park or books. As you predicted, you can get a free link there on your own, it’s not that hard. I think these directories exist solely to get people to pay $19.95 or whatever for a premium listing.

    Also, a PR5 doesn’t mean much when there are thousands of outbound links. And as you pointed out, the actual page probably is a PR0.

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      I would never recommend that someone do this but I tried several different little things like this just to test the results.

      When I’m trying to learn about new subjects I tried to read/watch tips from as many places as possible and have occasionally tried little Fiverr experiments.

      There are free sites now to do a lot of things but I still haven’t found a free directory submission site I like. If anybody knows of one let me know.

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