“Damian’s Assassin” – re-released, available on Amazon, BN, Smashie

Quick notes: The revised Damian’s Assassin is up and running on Amazon, Smashwords and BN!

Will send out a note to the mailing list later today with the Smashwords codes and links!

I’ll also post the winners to the drawings for Heather Marie Adkins and RG Porter’s books a little later today!

12 thoughts on ““Damian’s Assassin” – re-released, available on Amazon, BN, Smashie

  1. Hey Lizzy!
    Glad to see that you got Damian’s Assassin re-released! I can’t wait to read it after I finish reading the original version I have and the re-released version of Damian’s Oracle

  2. Hey Lizzie!! Just wondering when you were gonna, if you haven’t already, sent the emails for damiens assassin? I know I’m on the mailing list but I haven’t received anything yet. Supper excited to read the revised one, can’t imagine how it could get any better but you always amaze us!

    • Haha – working on it. The mailing list apparatus we used confused the living daylights out of me earlier. Hopefully hubby can make it work right! Should be soon!!! Lizzy

  3. Hey Lizzy! So excited to read the revised version of Damiens Assasin! I love to reread great books and ive been waiting for Damiens assasin! :)))

    • Woohoo, Melina! I hope the revised Assassin was a little better. I did some tweaking (and it was edited. My poor editor having to deal with me. Ha!) Book three will be out in a week!! Lizzy 🙂

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  5. I have read a few of ur books in the last month and i have become a loyal fan.We dont get many good romance writers these days,PLZ never stop writing

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