Autumn of Gods Updates – 2 Nov

Weekly Autumn of Gods update!

I started a Kickstarter project for “Damian’s Immortal” and tried to be more creative about rewards.  I included a subscription service for all my books in 2012 that you can gift to a friend/family member or keep!

This week’s drawings for signed paperback copy of “Damian’s Oracle” can be found at:

Today: Courtney’s blog (Thanks for hosting, Courtney!!)

Until 8 Nov: Goodreads

Lizzy’s going on a book tour to promote the War of Gods series!  I start 11 November.  I’ll post a schedule soon, so you can stalk … er, visit!

Book release dates:

Damian’s Assassin (re-release): 19 November

Damian’s Immortal: 02 December


3 thoughts on “Autumn of Gods Updates – 2 Nov

  1. Lizzy, I see you’ve got/had a few projects on Kickstarter. I’ve been considering it, but have yet to take the leap because it just seems like one more thing to have to do.

    But at some point would you or Matt be willing to do a post about your experiences with Kickstarter? I’m mainly interested in the amount of work and time it takes to get started with a Kickstarter project, and whether or not it bears fruit (which it seems to, in your case). Thanks!

    • Sure, Ty, that’s a great idea! I can definitely write up a post on it. 🙂 This is my second project with Kickstarter. The biggest secret is basically bringing your own investors to the project! It’s hard to get strangers involved, but if you let your readers know you’re doing it AND offer them exclusive rewards (like I’m doing a special edition trilogy set or the ability to name a name character), you can make it kind of a cool little adventure for them! 🙂 I’ll write up a blog post after this one is over! Lizzy 🙂

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