My Battle to Stop my Blog Comments and Forum Posts from Disappearing

Spam isn’t as much of an issue now as it was a few years ago due to spam filters from our email services being so much better. However like anyone else who used email before spam filters, I have fond memories of waking up to 58 emails in my inbox, 3 of which weren’t Viagra related.  I therefore have a deep rooted hatred of spammers. You can imagine my surprise this week when I found out that I was a spammer!

I rarely post comments on blogs or forums due to time constraints. I know it’s something I need to do more, and I’m trying to work on it. Last weekend I wrote what I thought was a long and thoughtful comment on a blog and was crushed when I pushed post and it disappeared. It was probably over 500 words and of course I didn’t copy and paste it first so it was just gone. I figured it was some glitch in the system. I left depressed and gave up on the internet for a few hours. Link building is tough enough without these types of issues.

Later that day I gathered the internal fortitude to try and use the inter-webs again and went and posted on a forum where I posted several times in the past. I typed a short comment and when I pushed the post button it too disappeared before my very eyes. If these places wouldn’t love me, at least our cover artist would. I went to Dafeenah’s site and commented on one of her posts and THAT didn’t show. I then knew I had a serious problem. Dafeenah confirmed that I did indeed get labeled as spam so I hit Google to try figure out a solution.

It seemed the general consensus was that you should contact Akismet and in a week or so they may or may not help you. I used Akismet’s Contact us form and provided my name, email, website and told them that I only made 2-3 posts/comments a week and they were always relevant. Within four hours I got a reply from Akismet saying that they weren’t sure what happened but that the problem should be fixed. I went to Dafeenah’s WordPress site, the comment posted right away. I hit the forum that blocked my lost post; it went right through. Just to make sure that all my problems were solved I went to the blog that blocked my long comment and it worked like a champ.

Akismet’s spam plugin has always impressed me but their customer service may have even impressed me more. If you notice that your comments or posts don’t seem to be posting, I would head straight to Akismet and give them your information.

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