Lizzy’s new blog schedule

I decided to add a bit of structure to our posts and developed the schedule below, which I hope will serve our two major audiences: Lizzyland readers and writers who visit to read Matt’s IT posts!

Mondays: Book features and giveaways.  No one likes Mondays.  We’ll try to make them more tolerable by featuring great books and offering you the chance to enter into drawings to win them!

Tuesday Tech Talk:  Advice on optimizing your social media and website; other IT tips and tales from Matt

Wednesday: Lizzyland updates, writing tips, other blog posts from Lizzy

Thursday Tech Talk: More advice and posts from Matt!

Friday: Book Talk.  Interviews, guests posts, and discussions with bloggers, reviewers, and authors.

Saturday & Sunday: Free for all!  The weekend will be open for pretty much anything we want to post.

3 thoughts on “Lizzy’s new blog schedule

  1. Yay!! Triple T with the IT Sherpa…I so try to make a schedule for my blog. My world revolves so much better around schedules, but as soon as I make a schedule I see something new and shiny and think oooooh I wanna play with that instead.

    • Hahaha! I’m of a similar mindset! But I was trying to figure out a way to cater to the two major audiences we built without boring one of them and figured a schedule would work! We shall see! Hehehe …

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