Lizzy Ford’s Facebook Sunday Spectacular

This morning Lizzy and started off with our usual Sunday morning bagel and then we got to work.

We started off by making a welcome page using an iframe app on Lizzy’s Facebook fan page. It’s the tab called “Welcome” on her page. We’ll probably be modifying the look of it this week but I wanted to get one started.

Next we started our first Facebook contest! You can see it on the contest tab of Lizzy’s fan page. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, because we used one of the very few companies which let’s you run free contests, but now I know exactly what to expect. I have a great idea how to make the next one look snazzier. The contest ends Tuesday at midnight and the winner gets a free autographed copy of “Katie’s Hope,” so go signup!

Finally, what good are cool things on Facebook if nobody sees them? We just signed up to run our first ever Facebook ad! I found out a few things doing this that I think you all will absolutely LOVE. Stay tuned for future posts on this!

I wanted to write this quick post not only to announce the contest but to let you all know that over the next few weeks and months you’ll be seeing A LOT of articles from me on social media. I’ve been writing a lot about SEO because it’s under utilized, I have a good understanding of it and I thought I could help people. After well over 100 hours of research and experimentation, I now feel like I have a good understanding of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook and I want to share what I’ve learned with you all. I’ll be releasing a series of posts on social media, similar to the SEO articles.

Some of the things on tap are:
Making a face book fan page and iframe app
Best practices for building a targeted twitter fan base
Facebook contests
Building your Facebook fan base

I’ll post my first article and video later this week but there will be a ton more of them coming. If there’s anything specific you would like to learn more about or topics you would like to see covered feel free to contact me.

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