How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Fanpage Picture

A few of my social media and SEO posts are long and involve thinking and (shudder) math!! This post is the exact opposite. It’s short, sweet and easy and requires so little thought you can read it with your morning coffee.

As I’ve talked about before building a Facebook following can be a tough nut to crack without paying for advertisements or giveaway prizes. One thing we all have to make sure of is that if Facebook offers us something for free that we can use to our advantage, we jump all over it.

There was one thing that Facebook was offering that – until recently  – we had been ignoring. When I realized my error, I hung my head in shame for one minute and then took steps to correct it. The thing I wasn’t using properly was the Facebook fanpage picture.

This little tidbit of knowledge isn’t widely known, but Facebook gives us quite a bit of latitude with our fanpage profile picture.  We all have pictures on our fanpages, and most of them look like this.

Normal Facebook fanpage picture

Screen shot of a Facebook Fanpage picture

There is nothing wrong with that page at all. Until a few days ago, ours looked just like it, just with 10,000 or so less fans. The “secret” that I stumbled upon was that Facebook gives you up to 180 x 540 pixels to use for your picture. If they’re going to offer me that much real estate for free, I’m going to grab every last pixel!

I thought about doing it myself but then remembered that I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Anybody who has followed our website long enough will remember the old Damian’s Oracle cover that I designed a year ago and agree with me!  😉 I sent the photo specs to Lizzy and she sent them to our cover artist, Dafeenah, who came up with this:

Full size Facebook fanpage picture

our custom Facebook fanpage picture

The image really draws your eyes to it and sets your page apart from a lot of the others. I was very happy with the way it turned out.  Adding a custom full length banner is an easy way to improve the look and feel of your page. I can also see us swapping out banners when we run special offers or giveaways in the future.

If you’re handy with Photoshop, GIMP or some other graphics program then set the dimensions of your canvas size to 180 x 540 pixels and start designing your custom Facebook fanpage picture. I emailed our graphic artist Dafeenah yesterday telling her that I was going to write this article and begged her to create a gig to make these banners for people. If you’re like me and you want a great looking banner but you don’t trust yourself to do it, then you can check out her gig and have one professionally made for five dollars.

Regardless of if you make it yourself or have someone make it for you, as soon as you have one, post it here so we can check it out! I can’t wait to see what ideas creative people come up with for their own Facebook fanpage picture. And as always, please feel free to post any questions or comments.

32 thoughts on “How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Fanpage Picture

    • That looks playful and professional at the same time. It’s amazing the difference a banner like that makes vs. a normal small square picture. This really is one thing that I was so mad at myself for not thinking to do sooner.

      • I used Gimp. I just downloaded it about three weeks ago and have been watching YouTube videos to learn how to use it.

        Reminds me how much I used to love manipulating photos in Claris Works years ago! lol.

        I’d love to learn more about graphic design, I’m a total n00b.

    • It’s 7:33 on Friday and that’s the nicest thing anybody has said to me all week.

      If nobody tops that in the next 28 hours you win an imaginary award for “being nice to Matt”.

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of nice comments on kindleboards for this post and also some awesome feedback pointing out that while I covered why to make a custom Facebook fanpage picture, I didn’t explain how to make one.

    In hindsight this is a glaring omission from a guy who sticks an instructional video in most of his posts!!

    I’m going to make a “how to” video on using GIMP (which is a free equivalent to Photoshop) to make a custom Facebook fanpage picture. I’m not a graphics artist but I’ll do my best to demonstrate the basics of GIMP while making a simple Facebook picture.

    I believe Lizzy has a post coming out tomorrow so I’ll probably post my video first thing Sunday morning.

    • I found this blog through KindleBoards and I LOVE your posts. Lots of useful information written in a way I can understand. I’ve been going back through the archives and learning a lot.

    • Love that dark blue!

      Photoshop is something I need to get better at one of these years. I know the very basics but not much else.

      I actually used a lot of gimp early this year when we were first making this site. I made Lizzy’s first two eBook covers. They were…. special…. After we hooked up with our cover artist we had her re-design the first one and she’s in the process is re-designing the second one now.

      GIMP isn’t the easiest program in the world to use but the price is right. I just finished the ten minute “how to” video and it’s uploading to YouTube as we speak. If anybody can’t wait until Sunday morning to watch it then shoot me an email with the “contact us” form and I’ll send you the link now.

    • Pam —

      Thanks for reading!! I just emailed you her direct contact info. She got 10+ orders today from a group and so she wanted to make sure that the fiverr didn’t get backlogged.

      It will be back up soon but she said anyone who emailed her directly would still get the $5 rate.

      I try really hard to only talk about things that are free to give our readers an option other then the “take my $40 online seminar” crowd that is so eager to take indie author’s money.

      The fact that I put her gig in my article speaks volumes about my feelings regarding her, her talent and her prices.

    • I really like that gritty “urban” background in your ad.

      And you should be 100% with making an improvement 🙂 I’m learning more and more that no part of your online presence is perfect, you just have to keep on making small improvements to keep moving forward.

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