“Damian’s Oracle” (revised) now available

Woohoo!  We uploaded the revised version of “Damian’s Oracle” to Smashwords last night. I didn’t change much of the content, simply had Christine scrub it and fixed a few of the plot/character issues my awesome readers helped me find! “Damian’s Assassin,” on the other hand, is going to have an infusion of a few more scenes when it’s re-released next month. 🙂

“Damian’s Oracle” is under review at Amazon, and should be available again today sometime for the Kindle.  As usual, it’ll take between 1-2 weeks for Smashwords to push the new version out to the BN store and iBooks! In the meantime, here’s the Smashwords link: Damian’s Oracle.

And so commences the Autumn of Gods! We have some cool stuff planned to celebrate the War of Gods releases this fall, to include upcoming book giveaways, a Damian’s Oracle book trailer, and more!  Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on ““Damian’s Oracle” (revised) now available

  1. Hi Lizzy

    You have no idea hows it was to wait for this new version..!!
    I hav been checking your site hourly since you announced the September launch.
    Now am gonna sit n read it the first thing..
    Thank u so much dear..

  2. Hey Lizzy! I just finished reading the revised version of D’s Oracle n it was as much of fun to read it with the changes made in it as it was without them, mainly cos the twists n turns you put in your books are so interesting and all i wanna do while reading your works is to go anywhere those twists n turns take you….its good actually, to be able to write such stuff which makes you feel as if your IN that situation n all. I’ve been counting hours, to days, to weeks, for the 3rd book in Rhyn trilogy series right after i read the 2nd one and im sure your working real hard at the moment for all the books you’ll be releasing soon, along with the revised versions of the previous books. Your hard-work really inspires me, n i hope all the best for you:D tc:)

    • HI Rayan! 🙂 I’m glad the revised version of D’s Oracle still held your attention! I tried not to mess with the story – people love that book!! Lol – I have tons of folks asking me to move up the date for the third book in the Rhyn trilogy, but I don’t think I can. Not sure I can write fast enough!!! If I can, I will! But at least there will be other books out to keep people happy between now and then!! (I hope it keeps people happy!!) Take care! Lizzy

      • Your works will ALWAYS have all of my attention, no matter if its just a page you write:P n yeah, always having ppl at your back telling you to hurry up in your work pretty much sucks:P but dont worry cos im sure ull pull thru it all:) n besides, we shouldnt just look at what WE want n not but should also care for how the other person manages to do what hes doing so i guess we’ve just lost patience these days:P anyways, of course it keeps ppl happy to have to read something else while waiting for something special! n despite the fact that ill be having my exams, starting from this coming monday, i WILL keep reading all the books youll release before the 3rd one in Rhyn trilogy series:) tc:D

        • Hahaha .. that’s awesome. 🙂 When I release a poetry collection, you may be the only one to download it. Ack – exams! I remember those (and not fondly.) I did awful in school. My head is too far up in the clouds. Ha! I wish you luck! Lizzy 🙂

          • Wow really i would be the luckiest person if i alone get to download n read your poetry:) n LOL about d exams part1 i guess everyone has some bitter memories regarding these scary beings we call exams:P but to be honest, i kinda like giving exams cos its d only time in d whole year when you get a chance to write by yourself, one n for all, without anyone telling you to to write this n that n all….n honestly, i think the ones with their heads high up in the clouds are the ones who actually live a reality other than just the un-realistic moments this world’s gotta offer…n its good actually, to see all the wonderful stuff out there when once you ‘raise’ yourself up high:) n thank you sooo much for wishing me luck; really needed that:P tc:)
            P.S. as you yourself are fond of poetry n write yourself, i would like it alot if you glance at some at some stuff i of mine. ive been writing poetry since like i was 9 n still do. so i would like to know the ideas of someone great like you regarding my poetry. here’s the link for the website that’s got my poems:http://poemhunter.com/rayan-ali/

          • Very cool! I’ll check out your poetry in the next few days! No matter what, you’ll do better than me at your exams. I don’t know how many of them I flunked … lol … how awful. Hahahaha! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

  3. Thanks, i will be more than happy if you read my poetry:) i rather like the idea of the world lookin at what you do instead of lookin at WHAT it is, shows whether it lives in Reality or not! n its if you werent much good at something like exams…lol…you know how they say that some ppl who are good at something special dont stick around with the other ordinary things in life so i guess its true for you i mean even if you werent all that good at stuff like exams, in the past, you ARE good, awesome infact, at what you do now, so i guess it makes the reality of it much brighter n good for you too:) n i appreciate how you think ill do better n stuff but im sure there’s a whole lotta stuff that you may be super good at:) never let those gifts given to you by God lay buried inside you n always shine em up to the dark world around you, it needs ppl like you! tc:)

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