Book feature and giveaway: “The Vampire Handbook” by PJ Jones

My friend PJ just happens to be a brilliant parody author, so I’m honored to feature her book, The Vampire Handbook this week!  She’s agreed to do an ebook giveaway, too, and is throwing in “The Were/Shapeshifter Handbook” and “The Zombie Handbook.”

To enter the giveaway: click on one of the links below the article to share it via Facebook, Twitter, G+, OR retweet my tweet (@LizzyFord2010) OR share the posts I make on Facebook or G+.  The winner will be chosen and contacted Tuesday and will be given 48 hours to respond before the next winner will be selected.

Synopsis: So, after a painstakingly long soul-searching (at least five minutes) and after grappling with the possible fate of your immortal soul (who cares if you’re not going to die, anyway), you’ve decided to become a vampire.


But before beginning that dark and shadowed journey into a life of eternal damnation, every vampire is required to read The Vampire Handbook, a short step-by-step guide to becoming a vampire and then adjusting to the bloodsucking lifestyle.

Some of the helpful tips in this handbook include: Rules for Living an Environmentally Friendly and Urbane, Undead Lifestyle, Dietary Restrictions for Vampires, Engaging in Battles with Other Immortals, Rules for Fitting into Society and not Scaring off Potential Meals and much more…

In addition to The Vampire Handbook, you will also get THE WERE/SHAPE-SHIFTER HANDBOOK and THE ZOMBIE HANDBOOK as well as a few sample chapters from PJ Jone’s sparkly vampire parody, ROMANCE NOVEL.

About PJ Jones: PJ spends her days scrubbing pots, collecting clown figurines and chasing five squealing kids around the house. No, that sounds too pathetic.

She lives on a 70 foot yacht and drinks sparkling wine by her pool while basking in the salty air and communicating with the local dolphins. Too far fetched?

She sits in front of a computer most of the day, writing, deleting, then writing some more, until her ass is numb and her brain is fried. Better?

PJ  would LOVE to hear from her readers. Contact her via: her email –, FacebookTwitter, or you can visit her blog.

Thank you for visiting Lizzyland, PJ!

8 thoughts on “Book feature and giveaway: “The Vampire Handbook” by PJ Jones

    • You are so welcome, PJ! And I think a parody of my books would be AWESOME. Hahahaha! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  1. I love these type books. If you watch a movie with me, this is pretty much what you hear throughout the whole movie. That’s probably why people don’t like watching movies with me lool. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This book sounds awesome and the author sounds like a great person whose work will entrap the audience into fits of laughter and for this book, to prepare how to be undead

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