Book feature and giveaway: Diane Gaston’s “Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy”

Update 22 Oct: winners of the drawing: Marie Evans and Sarah Bolinger (who entered via FB) and Sarah Reese, who left a comment here!  🙂  Thank you all for entering!

I was supposed to feature Diane’s book over a month ago and didn’t.  Bad Lizzy!!!  I’ve had some health problems lately, so I haven’t been on top of things.  In any case, here is Diane Gaston, one of my mentors, and the woman responsible for keeping me writing when I wanted to quit!  I’m going to give three winners of the givewaway a Kindle copy of her latest book.

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A soldier’s second chance.

Captain Gabriel Deane has known his fair share of pain, but he’d take a dagger to the chest rather than relive the torture of rejection from the woman he loves.

Saying no to Gabriel broke Emmaline Mableau’s heart, but being a soldier’s widow had already cost her family too much. Now she wears Gabriel’s ring around her neck: a reminder of the man who can never be hers.

Two years later, Emmaline’s hand trembles as she goes to knock on Gabriel’s door. Now she has a proposal for him, but will he say yes?

About Diane: Diane Gaston grew up the daughter of an Army colonel, living on army posts and even in Japan for a year. Diane’s first career was as a county mental health
social worker, helping others craft their own happy endings, but her secret
dream was to write romance novels. One day, when her life calmed down a bit, she
decided to make that dream come true and now writes full-time. Diane’s Regency
Historical romances have won top awards, including Romance’s highest award, the
Romance Writers of America’s RITA award. 

Visit Diane at her website, blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  

12 thoughts on “Book feature and giveaway: Diane Gaston’s “Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy”

    • Hi Sarah! You are entered in the contest! 🙂 Thanks for posting – Diane’s an awesome writer and an awesome person. 🙂 Lizzy

  1. Sounds like a great story. Can’t wait for it to come out so I can read it 😀 If you recommend her then I’m sure I’ll like it!

  2. Hi, Lizzy,
    I’m thrilled that you are featuring my Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy! Readers, if you want to read what happens after this story, I have an Undone estory called The Liberation of Miss Finch that was just released this month. You can find it on any ebook store.

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