Autumn of Gods update

Quick announcement: I’m um, no longer employed, so it looks like we’ll start phasing in charging for books as of 1 November EXCEPT FOR MEMBERS OF THE MAILING LIST!  *****I’m now a full-time writer!!*****

Ok, that aside, let’s talk about the War of Gods series!  I’m embarking on two blog tours, one in November and one in December, to promote the War of Gods.  When I have a schedule, I’ll post it for you!

This week’s giveaway alerts: win paperback copies of “Damian’s Oracle” by visiting:

25 Oct – 08 November: Goodreads giveaway

27 October: Jenn’s Blog

Below you’ll find the new cover for “Damian’s Assassin” and the cover (and description!) for “Damian’s Immortal!”








“Damian’s Immortal:” The White God’s most trusted friend, Jule, has his powers stripped by the Watchers, who seek to punish him for crimes committed thousands of years ago in the immortal realm.  His only hope to regain his powers and rejoin the battle against the Black God is to find the mysterious Magician, a woman afraid of her own talent, whose death has been ordered by the Others.

Finally, the “Damian’s Oracle” book trailer is almost ready and will probably be launched within the week!  Woohoo!

13 thoughts on “Autumn of Gods update

    • Hi Red! Thanks for your well wishes! I’ve been essentially working two full time jobs (the day job and the writing gig!) I’m glad to be a fulltime writer now, so I can just WRITE! Haha! Thanks for dropping by!! Lizzy 🙂

  1. This new book sounds awesome and I’m sorry to hear about the day job. It means you now get to write full time like you wanted to. I’m looking forward to Damian’s Immortal and every other book you have lined up ^_^

  2. You’re NOT unemployed… you’re no longer working TWO jobs…there’s a HUGE differentce… so now I can brag to everyone I know about how I”m working with the uber fabulous full time writer aka Lizzy Ford 😛

  3. Lizzy
    Sorry to hear you are unemployed but happy you are now a full time writer!!! As for charging for books….they are worth more than you are charging and as you know I have absolutely no problem paying whatever you ask for the books! Never been disappointed in a book you’ve written so keep them coming and I’ll keep paying even if I am on the mailing list. If it helps you write more then its worth the money to me. BTW…Demon’s Desire was amazing and yes you do need to write more on it. Didn’t want it to end…but then I feel that way about all your books…LOL
    Keep up the writing!

    • I completely agree. I love all of your work and I don’t want any of them to stop where they do. I would still get all the books even if I had to pay for them, I would even pay for them anyways even if I’m on the mailing list. I’m really glad you can focus on your passion ^_^

    • Thanks, K-K! 🙂 🙂 I’ve been both relieved and a little worried about the transition, and my poor hubby has to hear my emo-moods all day long. Hahahaha! Thanks fo much for offering to pay when you don’t have to – it’s so sweet. I’ve been truly touched by the feedback I’ve gotten from my readers, especially with this announcement about being less employed than I was last week. Ha! Thank you for your continued support – it really means a lot to me! LIzzy 🙂

  4. I know this sounds very selfish of me…but I am happy you will have even more time to write!!!!! I agree with others who posted. Even if I am in your mailing list I will still purchase your books. They are worth my money. If I expect you to write the wonderful stories I love to read, it is only fair that I pay to ensure you can pay your bills and dedicate the time needed to write the wonderful stories. Specially if it means that I may be getting my sequel to Kiera’s Moon quicker LOL!!! I paid for your most recent release and will continue despite being in your mailing list.

    • Aw, thanks so much, Yaremis. 🙂 I’ve had just awesome support from my readers, and I’m really happy I can be a full time writer now. I’m thinking of the Kiera’s Moon sequel maybe in the June timeframe next year … I’m excited about that one – everyone has loved it! Thanks so much for your kind words!! Lizzy

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