Another Young Adult Romance Novel from Lizzy Ford

The sequel to YA paranormal romance smash hit “Katie’s Hellion” has arrived! Katie’s Hope has already received seven 5 star ratings at Barnes & Nobel and 4 more at Amazon. Katie’s Hope is shaping up to be one of the best Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novels of 2011 and right now it’s free on for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo or eReader.

D_Frazier on Barnes & Nobel for the Nook writes:
“Another Great Read by Lizzy Ford

I don’t even know what to say. What a great book. I am already anxious for book three. I loved how Ford wrapped it all up and made it believable. I really enjoyed the depth of Gabe, and his loyalty to Rhyn. Lizzy Ford is a very talented writer, and I look forward to reading everything she puts in print.”

Another Nook Reviewer writes:
“Wonderful Author

I love this series! I can’t wait for book 3 to come out. You have to read the rest of this author’s books. Damian’s series and Kiera’s Moon are must reads. These stories are Science Fiction with Romance. Not the hardcore 10 pages of sex scenes romance…but the true romantic you can see them falling in love romance that is very refreshing.”

The “Great story without the hardcore sex scenes” comment is common across all sites and is exactly what the YA young adult romance reader is looking for.

Karen on an Amazon Kindle review writes:

“I have to say I absolutely love Lizzy Fords style of writing. Her characters are amazing and she is truly a gifted writer. Have read all of her books and will certainly continue to recommend her to anyone who is ever looking for an amazing book to read! She truly loves what she does and does everything to keep her books reasonable so everyone can enjoy them. Also she takes pride in her writing and fans. If you follow her website you will see for yourself. As for this book…all I can say is buy it! I would have paid almost anything for her book. As a fan you know who you like and what to expect…with her it’s always an amazing story regardless of the plots, twists, roller-coaster ride you feel.
***Buy it…you will not be disappointed at all!!!*** ”

rormonster in the iPad store on iTunes writes:

“This book is a strong continuation of the saga and leaves you wishing it were March so we can find out how it all ends up. If you have not read the first book, this one won’t make much sense. Ford does a great job creating flawed but likable characters, and intertwining their various traumas and debacles. ”

Syed Jazib Reza Kazmi at writes:

“An outstanding captivating book. From the first word to the last I was enthralled by the characters in Lizzy’s book. It was the best book I have read this year. I can’t wait for the next one to find out what happens.”

You can grab out the first book in the series on this page of Free Young Adult Romance Novels.

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