Revised “Damian’s Oracle” release: Tues, 10/4

The release of the revised “Damian’s Oracle” and new cover (already featured on our ebooks page!) is scheduled for Tuesday, 04 October! For those who bought through Kindle: we’ll submit a request to Amazon to forward a notice to everyone to download the updated version. There is no charge for this, and hopefully they’re prompt about it!

Additionally, once I stop slacking, I’ll finish working with someone on a book trailer for “Damian’s Oracle” and post it in a week or two!

To recap this fall/winter’s activity with the War of Gods series:

04 Oct: Re-release of “Damian’s Oracle”

November: Re-release of “Damian’s Assassin”; release of paperback trilogy (“Damian’s Oracle”, “Damian’s Assassin”, and “Damian’s Immortal”)

December: Release of “Damian’s Immortal” (ebook version)

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!

9 thoughts on “Revised “Damian’s Oracle” release: Tues, 10/4

      • I just know I’m gonna read this next book non-stop until I’m done, then I’ll kick myself for reading it too fast. =)

        Would it be completely retarded to release a series all at once? I assume there’s a reason why authors release books in a series one by one, aside from the no time to write issue. Right?

        • Let’s see … I think most authors release books in a series for two reasons: 1- to build apprehension and a fan base for the series over a period of time and 2- because of the time thing! Hehe … BUT, when the series is complete, I’ll happily offer all the books in the series in one mega ebook package! Lizzy 🙂

  1. I LOVE this series and am waiting anxiously to read the third book! Thank you for updating us on your progress. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    • Thank you Kellie! Third book will be out in two months! Yay! I love this series, too. I think it’ll always be special to me because Damian’s Oracle was the first novel I released. Without Damian, I wouldn’t be where I am today … Lizzy 🙂

  2. Hi. I downloaded the original version of Damian’s Oracle on iBooks and would like the Oct. 4 rewrite. Is it available yet? Loved it and can’t wait to read the new version.

    • Hi Rebecca! The revised version is out, but it’ll take probably about 10 days to get to iBooks. I know I can read PDFs on my iPhone, so here’s the link to Smashwords, if you want to download it before it reaches iBooks! Link: Damian’s Oracle. Lizzy 🙂

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