Revised “Damian’s Oracle” release: Tues, 10/4

The release of the revised “Damian’s Oracle” and new cover (already featured on our ebooks page!) is scheduled for Tuesday, 04 October! For those who bought through Kindle: we’ll submit a request to Amazon to forward a notice to everyone to download the updated version. There is no charge for this, and hopefully they’re prompt about it!

Additionally, once I stop slacking, I’ll finish working with someone on a book trailer for “Damian’s Oracle” and post it in a week or two!

To recap this fall/winter’s activity with the War of Gods series:

04 Oct: Re-release of “Damian’s Oracle”

November: Re-release of “Damian’s Assassin”; release of paperback trilogy (“Damian’s Oracle”, “Damian’s Assassin”, and “Damian’s Immortal”)

December: Release of “Damian’s Immortal” (ebook version)

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!

9 thoughts on “Revised “Damian’s Oracle” release: Tues, 10/4

      1. #1 Fan

        I just know I’m gonna read this next book non-stop until I’m done, then I’ll kick myself for reading it too fast. =)

        Would it be completely retarded to release a series all at once? I assume there’s a reason why authors release books in a series one by one, aside from the no time to write issue. Right?

        1. Lizzy Ford Post author

          Let’s see … I think most authors release books in a series for two reasons: 1- to build apprehension and a fan base for the series over a period of time and 2- because of the time thing! Hehe … BUT, when the series is complete, I’ll happily offer all the books in the series in one mega ebook package! Lizzy :-)

  1. kellie harkness

    I LOVE this series and am waiting anxiously to read the third book! Thank you for updating us on your progress. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Lizzy Ford Post author

      Thank you Kellie! Third book will be out in two months! Yay! I love this series, too. I think it’ll always be special to me because Damian’s Oracle was the first novel I released. Without Damian, I wouldn’t be where I am today … Lizzy :-)

  2. Rebecca

    Hi. I downloaded the original version of Damian’s Oracle on iBooks and would like the Oct. 4 rewrite. Is it available yet? Loved it and can’t wait to read the new version.

    1. Lizzy Ford Post author

      Hi Rebecca! The revised version is out, but it’ll take probably about 10 days to get to iBooks. I know I can read PDFs on my iPhone, so here’s the link to Smashwords, if you want to download it before it reaches iBooks! Link: Damian’s Oracle. Lizzy :-)


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