Introducing the Rhyn Trilogy book trailer

I’m thrilled to introduce the Rhyn Trilogy book trailer created for “Katie’s Hellion” and “Katie’s Hope“!  I have a couple of trailers in the works; this was the first one completed.  It’s also my  graphics artist, Dafeenah’s, first ever trailer.  I see shiny things like pretty covers and trailers, and poor Dafeenah has to figure out how to make them. 

You know what?  IT ROCKS!  She’s brilliant!  Check it out and let me know what you think!

27 thoughts on “Introducing the Rhyn Trilogy book trailer

  1. Holy shizz nitzs!!! I love it! It was cool and mysterious yet inviting at the same time!! Pure magic 😀 and yes if your wondering I do know shizz nitzs is both spelled wrong and also not real words haha

  2. Somebody should make it into a movie..
    Th trailer is awesome. I had approached it with some apprehensions thinking how could anything do justice to Rhyn trilogy.. But believe me when I say it is mindblowing.. great work..

    • Thank you, Biji! 🙂 Dafeenah did an awesome job on the trailer. Maybe someday, there will be a movie … that would be awesome! 🙂

  3. OMG Dafeenah ROCKS, Lizzy. The trailer is awesome, you have so many talented people around you. So isn’t there someone who could clone you, so you can have a normal life and the other Lizzy just sits and writes.
    I’m going through Lizzy withdrawal, though I am giving other authors a look see and some aren’t bad, especially the ones you recommend.
    You are a great writer and human being because you keep us up to date even when we whinge while waiting for the next book.
    Keep up the good work and have fun as well.


    • Hi Kim! I KNOW! Dafeenah is insanely talented! Ack – sorry about the withdrawal! I’ll hurry … lol … if I had a clone, I could write twice as many books! Not sure if you’ve checked out another site I’m a member of, but there are 9 of us there. They’re all strong writers – and GREAT people to talk to! A lot of them all also have either novels or short stories out there for free, which is a good way to find new authors, I think! Thanks for your comments!!! Take care! Lizzy 🙂

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