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Q: Is naming pages using keywords ok?

A: It’s not just ok, it’s darn near a necessity. Google gives weight to a lot of things and one of those things is the name of the page itself. Using your targeted keyword in the page name is worth around 3% of your total “score”. By “score” I mean a composite of all the factors that Google considers when deciding where to rank your page for a particular search term. Other easy ones to fulfill include the title of your page, and what big bold headers you use for your article (h1 tags for the techies). If you’re using WordPress, make sure you select the option where your posts are given the url using your post title rather then just a number.
Is better in search engines then:

Q: Should I stuff, stuff, stuff keywords or is there a limit? Some sites say yes, some say no.

A: They may have both been right when they were written πŸ™‚ . Google did a big change to it’s algorithm (when they added Google instant), since this change you really only want a keyword or two as the focus for that page. That doesn’t mean you pick one keyword and use it once, it means you pick a keyword or two and create the page with that in mind.

If you spam the keywords too often on a page, then Google will basically write it off as spam and ignore it. So since you can only use the term a few times on the page, use it wisely! Use them in the name of the page, in the title, in the alt tags of a picture on the page, maybe bold one use in the middle of the text. This way your content is still written for the user, not the search engine but you’ve spread the term around nicely and in ways that Google gives some weight to.

Q: Does having multiple keywords in a phrase detract from their relevance?

A: I don’t think it matters since we’re only using a couple. I think spreading out ” Full length sci-fi / fantasy romance novel Kiera’s Moon is now available for free download for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, eReader or Kobo” in multiple bullets would of made it less pleasing for the reader. Above all else you want to sound natural or what visitors you do get probably won’t convert to regulars.

Q: Am I forced to use my target keywords in my title or can I use something catchy?

A: Hopefully both at the same time πŸ™‚ . There are a lot of factors that go into how Google ranks a page for a search term, and having that term in the title is thought to be roughly 5-6% of that equation. That’s worth keeping in mind but if you have something catchy go for it!! At the end of the day, you want people to click on your page and a catchy title can do that, the only thing is, nobody will find it to click on if it’s buried on page 4 of the search results.

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  1. I’m not superbly awesome, I’m superbly cheap lol. SEO is a really important thing but the firms doing it charge so much money, I choose to do research and learn it myself.

    It’s kind of a neat topic, beacuse it’s constantly changing and a lot more involved on the surface. The downside is, it make is so tough for a person to focus on whatever it is there doing with their site, and keep up with SEO. You really have to automate it as much as possible or you’ll forget to do it.

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