Update: Katie’s Hope release date moved to 2 September

I apologize for the delay on this one, and appreciate everyone’s patience! My husband and I are moving this weekend. After packing our stuff, the driver for the movers quit, so we’re not sure at this point where our household goods are. They’re telling us late next week for delivery … as soon as we have everything back, we’ll upload Katie’s Hope and Damian’s Oracle (revised.) Should be by Friday, hopefully sooner. (We’re moving to Tucson, Arizona! Woohoo!)

Thanks to all our fans and visitors for being a part of Lizzyland and dropping by to check out our site! Because of the support we’ve received, we are now rated by Alexa as one of the 500,000 most popular websites worldwide. Yay!

18 thoughts on “Update: Katie’s Hope release date moved to 2 September

  1. Lizzy, good luck with the move and I am looking forward to the two new releases. Congrats on being one of the most popular sites online. That is a huge accomplishment especially when you realize there are billions of sites online.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Danielle! My hubby has been working hard on the SEO stuff, and it’s paying off. I’m excited about the books, too. This is going to be a really fun fall and winter! Lizzy 🙂

  2. Good luck on your move! I hope you get you stuff soon. I can’t wait for katies hope! and congrats about the site that’s awesome!!!

    • I’m so proud of my hubby for all he’s done with the site. Move is a disaster, and no idea when our stuff is coming. But, the sun is shining, and Katie’s Hope is going out Friday no matter what! Ha! LIzzy 🙂

  3. Not waiting patiently at all! I thought I was patient waiting for TODAY… now having to wait until next WEEK??? That is… that’s just so… *blusters helplessly* ]:<

    Sucks about all your stuff. =/ Hope it's recovered from MIA status quickly and you can move. Quickly. There's no selfish motivation behind my well-wishing at all. Really. ^___^

    Truly though, best of luck to you guys on the move. Hope to hear from y'all soon. ;D

    • Hi Kristyna! Haha at the angry smiley! Yeah, the move hasn’t gone well at all. Still don’t have our stuff. 🙁 So frustrating!! But on the happy side – yay for Katie’s Hope! If I have to sit at Starbucks for a few hours Fri to get it uploaded, I will!!! haha … Take care! Lizzy 🙂

  4. Aww, angry smiley face got ruined. Curse you line breaks! *shakes fist* Here it is again, just for dramatic effect:



  5. Congrats on this popular site. We love Lizzyland x) hope you get your stuff back soon and have fun in Tucson. 🙂 I just finished Kiera’s Moon <3 loved it!!! It was so good and the tarantulas 😉 I so need one for my room xD

    Can't wait for Katie's Hope… I really really really can't but I am going to read the only 2 other ebooks of yours that I haven't read yet, which will be hard as I can NEVER stop reading your books,because they are AMAZING!

    • Hi Jess!! You want a tarantula? I’m so terrified of spiders. (And clowns – different story. Ha!) You can come to the southwest and get a few tarantulas. I’m afraid to go out after dark because I don’t want them to eat me. Hahahaha! I’m glad you’re enjoying all the books!! 🙂 The move … well, it’s a disaster. Ha! OH, well, that’s life, I guess. LIzzy 🙂

  6. I’ve downloaded all of your books and I’m in the middle of Damian’s Assassin. LOVE IT!! Can’t wait for Katie’s Hope!!! Good luck with the move!

    • Thanks, Tricia! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!! I’ve had a headache since the move drama started. Hahaha! Lizzy

  7. Hi Zelnoria! Katie’s Hope is out – just wanted to make sure you got it! The move has been awful, but we have our stuff and internet now, so I’m a happy camper. haha! Enjoy the book! Lizzy 🙂

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