Preview: Cover for Katie’s Hope (Rhyn Trilogy, Book II)

For those anxiously awaiting the release of Book II of the Rhyn Trilogy, here’s a small teaser.  Another beautiful design by the talented Dafeenah.  She truly has mad skills (and the patience to deal with me when I’m in one of my emo moods!)  Thank you, Dafeenah!!  🙂

38 thoughts on “Preview: Cover for Katie’s Hope (Rhyn Trilogy, Book II)

  1. Shhh I love the cover.. Why must you tease?!? Haha I just can’t wait for Katie’s Hope to come out I’ve read Katie’s Hellion like 12 times now and everyone I read it, it’s still as enchanting as the first time. Please keep sharing your talent with the world 🙂

    • Hahaha! Sorry!! I’ll definitely keep writing!! That’s funny about reading K’s Hellion 12 times! My editor has Katie’s Hope, so I’m waiting for her verdict (and her mark-up). Yay!! 🙂

  2. Like you don’ t put up with my emo-ness?! You’re absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to read this one. and the next and the next and the next. You know you’ll have to make this longer than a trilogy right? or else we all may kidnap you lool

    • @ em-ness – Whatever. Hahahahaha …. I don’t know if it’ll be longer than a trilogy. I might look at telling the stories of others in stand alone books. I love Gabriel, so if nothing else, he’ll get a novella. Haha!

  3. Amazing work! Still loving your books, and even got a few friends to start reading them. Can’t wait for the rest of the series and any other books you write!
    Thank you for being such a great author and keeping us up to date.

    • You’re welcome, Karen! Thanks for recommending me and for coming back for more books! Yaaaaaay! 🙂 K’s Hope will be out at the end of the month. I’m nervous … lol

  4. Anxiously awaiting the release…. although not so patiently. I’ve had to occupy my time by reading other books & stories, while I count the days until the next book. I’ve really enjoyed your characters so much. 😀 So is Gabriel one we should be looking forward to??? =)

    • Hi Gabby! Well, for this trilogy, I’m focusing on Katie and Rhyn. But I really like the way Gabe is turning out, so I’m thinking of giving him his own novella sometime next year after the Katie-Rhyn saga is done! 🙂 We’ll see – I’ve got a zillion ideas for what I want to write next year already. Ha! Lizzy 🙂

  5. I adore the cover, and can NOT wait until it comes out!! This is a total tease and the mention that some of the other characters may get their own stories?!? Now I’m going to bite off my fingernails in anticipation!!!

    • Haha … down the road, after the Katie-Rhyn trilogy, I might do a novella for Gabriel. I like him! Haha! 🙂 Lizzy

    • Hi Alanah! Glad you’re enjoying the books! Katie’s Hope should be ready by the end of the month! Yay! LIzzy 🙂

  6. Carnt wait for the next book this is the first book of yours i read an it was amazing am looking f all your others now thankyou so much you are a gifted writer please don’t ever stop lol

    • Thanks, Kelly! Don’t worry – I’m a writing maniac, so I won’t ever stop! 🙂 The sequel to K’s Hellion will be out next weekend! Woohoo! Lizzy

  7. Miss Ford, how could you tease us so? It’s no fair. Haha. When will Katie’s Hope be released? And, will it befree on the Nook, or do I have to beg my friends for money? Haha. You are an amazing author, by the way. I have all the books I could get on my Nook, and have read them all at least twice. Love them all so much. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Nicole! Nonono – no begging your friends for money! Ha! Katie’s Hope will be released next weekend. It’ll probably take about 2-3 weeks to get to Nook from that point due to the distribution service I use. It takes them awhile to get places, but it also is the only way I’ve found to keep them free. But I’ll post a link where you can go to download the free version from smashwords next weekend. 🙂 And thank you – I’m glad you’re enjoying them!! 🙂 Lizzy

      • Sweet! Thanks, Miss Ford! 😀 And, yes, all your bokks are awesome and keep me in totall suspense. I love them. Last yar, in sixth grade, we had to do a book report (well, it was more like, the last week of school) on the best book we had read in the year, and I chose Katie’s Hellion. Got my teacher to read it, too, and she said she likd it also. Your books re great for almost all ages! Ha ha.

        • Hi Nicole! That’s awesome you used K’s Hellion for a book report! That would’ve been the best book report every (though I am biased! Ha!) You’re right – I’ve had people from all ages who have commented about my books. I had no idea they’d appeal to so many people, but I’m glad they do. 🙂 Lizzy

  8. OMG!!! I LOVE K’s Hellion and can’t wait for the next one to come out!! When will it be available on iBooks? Hope it’s not to long I can’t wait to know what happens next!! You are an amazing writer I love all of the books by you that I have read so far!!

    • Hi AJ! Let’s see … I’ll release it Fri, but it’ll probably take at least 10 days to get to iBooks, possibly a full two weeks. I can let you know better next week, after it goes through the review process prior to being approved for iBooks! I’m so glad you’re enjoying all the books!!! Lizzy 🙂

    • AJ, sorry for interrupting your understandable (and completely necissary[sp?] Ha ha) praise for Miss Ford, but, might I ask wht an iBook is? If it’sa book on a electronic reader? Because I’ve only heard of eBooks. Are iBooks any different?

      • Hi Nicole!! Sorry to butt in – iBooks is the Apple book store for iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc. Each major eReader (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad) has their own ebook store, which makes life interesting when you go to epublish a book! Ha!

    • Hi Cher O’Kee! I released Katie’s Hope Friday!!! I’m having issues linking things in comments today, but it’s still on the front page of my website!! Lizzy 🙂

  9. I just wanna day that am totaly and utterly and hoplesly in love with ur books 😀 hehehe realy !!:0its the first time I re-read somthing so many times!! It’s 2 September already where is katie’s hope:( ??! Plz release it !!! It’s killing me!!:(

    • Thank you, Erin! I was really worried about book two not meeting my readers’ expectations. That was the most stressful part of writing it – I didn’t want to let anyone down!! Lizzy 🙂

  10. I love love love all your books! And I especially love katie’s hellion 😀 the book just sucks you in and won’t let you go and you enjoy it the entire time. And so I just CAN’T wait to read another one of you amazing books!!!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Awesome – glad you love the books!! Did you pick up Katie’s Hope? I released it Fri … it’s gone over really well with Katie’s Hellion fans!!! 🙂 Lizzy

      • I just finished the book and it was as great or maybe even better (if that’s possible) then katie’s hellion!!! And I really need the next book now! 😀

        • Haha, thanks Elizabeth! I’ll start writing the next book in January … backed up with a few other projects right now. I hope it’s worth the wait!!! LIzzy 🙂

  11. Uhmm, hi… I have a nook e-reader device, and I’m a little confused.. I was wondering when Katie’s Hope was coming out for it? I also have another question.. on the nook shop, a book by you, Kiera’s Moon, was put on for a day or two, and is now gone. Why is that?

    • Hi Jayenna! The short answer: I don’t know for sure. 🙁 The long answer: my edistributor has started taking weeks to deliver to BN, so I’m setting up my own account. It’s taking longer than I anticipated, but I’ll keep pestering them to approve me so I can start uploading books myself. It’ll cut down the 4-6 week wait between when I release a book and the time it takes to get to BN. Hopefully … I’m not sure about Kiera’s Moon, except I went through my edistributor to upload that one. They seem to be having connectivity problems … :-/ I’ll upload Kiera when my account is approved. So sorry … :-/ Lizzy

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