Looking for a free romance novel? Here you go!

Looking for a good free romance novel? You need look no further! Lizzy Ford has several free full length romance novels which have reached as high as #2 on the Amazon charts! There are several free novels to choose from and you can download them for free to your Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo or eReader.

Cover of Kiera's Moon by Lizzy Ford

Fantasy romance novel Kiera’s Moon is available for free download.

Kiera’s Moon was recently #2 on the Amazon UK Charts for free eBooks.

When starving artist Kiera wakes up on board a spaceship, she panics. Her best friend has dragged her across the universe to help her find a man and a life, only the man she ends up unwittingly hooking up with is a battle-hardened warrior prince living in exile.

Calculating, cautious A’Ran wants nothing more than to reclaim his planet. He needs Kiera as his lifemate to heal his planet and his war weary people. He’s not prepared to be a lifemate himself, and discovers almost too late what he risks losing if he can’t learn to be more than a warrior.

Cover for Katie's Hellion by Lizzy Ford

Lizzy Ford’s full length paranormal free romance novel Katie’s Hellion is available for free download for your Kindle, Ipad, Nook, Kobo or eReader.

“Katie’s Hellion” has received rave reviews from across the world and is very popular with young adult fans and paranormal romance readers.

Katie’s having the worst day ever: she’s been dragged down to the police station for abandoning her son, a cute kid with big brown eyes. Only Katie doesn’t have a son. She’s never seen the five year old boy in her life, despite the insistence of the police, her doctor, even her own sister. She thinks she’s gone completely crazy until the five year old living in her house tells her his secret: he’s a baby immortal, and his guardians were supposed to wipe her mind so she’d forget he didn’t belong to her and raise him as hers. But Katie is immune to the power of immortals, and they don’t react well to this discovery. Katie winds up in Hell, where she meets Rhyn, who recognizes her as an immortal’s mate – and his key out of Hell.

Rhyn is a misunderstood immortal, the youngest of the seven Ancients, sentenced to Hell after accidentally almost destroying the world. Katie’s immunity to immortals creates an opportunity for them to escape Hell, so he snatches her and flees. At first, Katie despises the man who treats her like a portable food source, until she finds out he’s the only one willing and able to protect her from the dangers of the immortal world. Rhyn discovers that his little human has heart. With horror, he discovers she’s not destined to be any immortal’s mate- she’s destined to be his mate. He has no idea how to care for someone else let alone control his power, but he must learn, as his little human is endangered by both good and bad immortals determined to use her to their advantage.

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