Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Google Analytics

There are topics which I would rather write about, but I would be remiss not to discuss tracking and Google analytics first. It’s free and a powerful tool for helping you determine where you need to expend your efforts in your online activities to increase traffic to your website. If you’re already using Google analytics (or another tracking option) hopefully you learn at least one new thing. If you’re not using Google analytics, this should be the first thing you do with your website.

Google analytics is a free service Google provides which automatically tracks everyone who visits your site, where they came from (this is huge), where they go on your site, if they’re a new visitor or not etc. If you’re serious about building your web presence and brand as an author, you should have a website and you should know: how many people are visiting, what’s bringing them there, and what pages interested them the most. The purpose of knowing these things is so you can target and maximize your online activities. Downloading Google analytics is on you, but Google will handle the rest for you free of charge!

Below is a screen shot of our Google analytic page for August 12, 2011

From the information on the main page (not shown) I know we had 339 visits that day from 305 different people. 65% of them were new visitors (woo hoo!)
For the information on this page, I can see that 12% of my visitors are “Direct Traffic”. That means one of the following: they typed themselves, they had already bookmarked our page and just clicked on it, or they clicked on a link in non web page (word doc, pdf etc.).

Almost 19% came from search engines. If you look in the lower right, you can see what terms people typed into Google which led them to our page. The most popular was “Lizzy Ford” which brought 14 visits to our site that day.

The remaining 69% of traffic came from referring sites such as, etc.

Even without mentioning the thousands of things we can and will do with this data, I’m sure you see the value in knowing who visits you, so you can learn how to be effective in targeting and drawing people to your online brand.

How to obtain and install Google analytics:

1. The first thing you need to do is signup for Google analytics at
This is 100% free of charge.

2. Verify with Google that you own the site. When you sign up for Google analytics, it provides you a tiny snippet of computer code, which you copy and paste within the source code on the main page of your website just before the tag at the top of your html page.
If you or a web designer made your website using html (like Julia’s) this step was easy.

If you’re one of the millions who uses WordPress, it’s almost as easy. Go into your dashboard, click “appearance,” then click “editor.” This should show the code of one file, and a list of other files on the right hand side. Click on the file called “header” and it should show you the code for that section. First, do both of us a HUGE favor and copy and paste the contents of this file into a text file so you have a backup. Modifying code without having a backup copy is begging for a frustrating night trying to fix your site. Anyways, once you’ve backed up, you should see a tag in the mid to lower part of the page. Copy the code snippet you got from Google right BEFORE the part being careful not to touch or copy over anything else. Hit update, slowly back away, then go view your website and be pleasantly surprised that you didn’t break it.

Once the code is in place, return to your Google analytics account to verify. Google will walk you through the verification process and will do a check, sees the code it sent you is on the site, and therefore trusts that the site is yours.

3. Once you’ve got your account and Google has verified it, you can move to the next step. The first thing you have to do is once again get another tiny snippet of code from Google analytics. This code is the code which tracks who uses your site and how they use it. This code will go on EVERY page of your website so that Google can track them all. This sounds like a future time sink, it’s not. If you use WordPress, there are free plugins which handle putting the code on each page for you (we use one called Google Analyticator). You put your code in the setting for that plugin and never think about it again.

If you use a traditional website like Julia’s, all you need to do is add the tiny bit of code in the header of every page you have, and then add it into your template so you never have to worry about this again. The tracking code will go in the same place your verification code went. If you have any problems with this step, there is an active community at .

If you made your own site, this should go smoothly. If you had nothing to do with building your website and don’t know source code from a ham sandwich, you can either have the person who made your site add in these code snippets or make your most tech savvy friend dinner in exchange for their labor. Once it’s done checking your numbers will become as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your teeth!

10 thoughts on “Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Google Analytics

  1. Great info!! I also learned I did something right with my website without knowing it. I don’t use flash. Well I do but not for the links and things like that. It’s just some flashy stuff in the header to make it sparkle. So yay I did good without knowing it. If you use a different tracking thingy instead of google anayltics should you still install google analytics? I use a different one that gives me way much more detailed numbers. It gives all of the things you listed but tells me which country, what the most popular pages are, most popular downloads etc. I have google analytics on my blog but not on my website. Should I install it there? Would it effect how google searches for my site or anything or is the tracker thingy I have sufficient??

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  3. It totally does! And IF you had used flash, I’m sure you would of used it correctly lol. I’ve seen a few times though where people pay to have a site done in flash, the person who does it pays no attention to actually naming things. Two years later when the site has gotten a grand total of 12 visitors they hire someone else to fix it, but there’s nothing they can do since they don’t have the original flash files so they have to do a complete re-design 🙁

    100% not flash bashing. It has it’s place, and I’ve used it for banners and other stuff, you just have to be careful and most people aren’t.

    Regarding the tracking software, if what you’re using is working for you, there’s no need for anything else. It wouldn’t hurt anything, but you don’t need it. I know there are a lot of other tracking options including some really cool real time ones, but I choose google analytics since it’s free, powerful and very popular (which means there are more users to answer any questions). Google analytics has a ton of different pages and has added quite a few features over the years. You can see most popular pages, by country, by cities within the country etc. I haven’t used all of them so I can’t say it’s the best, but I’ve been very happy with it.

    p.s. I just saw the new cover, LOVE it!!!!

  4. Are you going to make this like a regular thing? Can I just suggest that? I mean even if it’s a once a month post or a little helpful tips section in the newsletter or something but it’s super duper helpful especially for people like me who are self taught. It can be confusing to know that what I am actually doing is not only the “right” thing but “most effective” thing to be doing. So I love these posts and hope there are more of them in the future.

    Thanks!! I am so grateful to you guys for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Lizzyland. (and for putting up with me lol)

  5. I am! I’ve already got over half a dozen in my head I need to write. I think that writing is a full time job and if I can pass out what I believe are the best practices from the countless hours I’ve spent reading and listening about topics like SEO web marketing to those who don’t have the time then I am happy to do so.

    As far as thanks?? How about thanks for covers that are unreal! Every time Lizzy shows me a new cover from you I just shake my head… What you have is truly a gift.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I’m here from Dafeenah’s site. Can I not download google analytics with a blogger blog? I keep getting an error message on the first page of the registration.

  7. Hi I added the script to every page on my site yet when I look at Google Analytics the first time it shows zero all across the board. Is this normal for the first time or do I just not have ANY visitors. Wouldn’t it count my own visits?

    Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong?

  8. You may not be doing anything wrong at all, it may take a little while to start populating. Did you just do it today? If so I would give it a day to see if it works.

    And yes, it will count your visits.

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