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Lizzy Ford’s newest book “Maddy’s Oasis” is here!

Full length fantasy romance novel Maddy’s Oasis is now available for your Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone, eReader or Kobo.

With an ill mother in need of expensive surgery, Madeleine flies from NYC to the west Texas desert to take on the doomed Desert Oasis resort project in hopes of earning the bonus attached to finishing it on schedule. She soon finds there’s only one thing hotter than the desert sun: Jake, the infuriating Texan whose dislike of the fast-paced city puts them at odds at everything from her high-heels to her to-do lists. When the Oasis reveals its dark secret, Maddy finds she must choose between money and those she cares about. Contemporary western (sweet) romance novella.

21 thoughts on “Maddy’s Oasis

  1. I just finished reading this eBook and it was as awesome as the rest of your work. As usual you managed to draw me in and not let go until the end. Even though it wasn’t paranormal I still thoroughly enjoyed this eBook. So whats next?

    • Great! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was really different for me, but I thought it ended up cute!

      Let’s see … next is a book entitled Kiera’s Moon. It’s somewhat different – no paranormal, but it has a sci-fi edge to it. It’s about a girl who ends up with a really hunky alien. 🙂 Then August is the second book in the Rhyn trilogy … and then the re-release of Damian’s Oracle and another book called Rebel Heart in September; a Halloween book entitled A Demon’s Desire for October; then the re-release of Damian’s Assassin (around my birthday!) in November … and then comes the release of Damian’s Immortal in December. Busy year … haha!

      And then, I’m taking a break, because I’ll probably be half-crazy by then. Haha!

  2. Just read Maddy’s Oasis last night…loved it!! You are officially one of my new favorite authors. I cant wait to read more!! I have one question though…Are Justin and Mark the same person? I re-read the part where he shows up and I was very confused…I feel like i missed something…lol!

    • Ack!! Ok, lesson learned. After Christine (my editor) sent the final draft back to me, I decided to change the names of some of my characters. No good reason why, and I should’ve left them the same, because every time I change something after Christine edits them, I make a mess. In short, yes, Justin/Mark was a victim of my last minute decision to change something. Haha … I’ll go back and fix that this weekend and reupload. Thanks for letting me know … and I’m happy to be among your favorite authors! I’m writing as fast as I can! Lizzy 🙂

  3. Ok, I have decided that I hate Smashwords 🙁 I can’t get it to download correctly to the adobe thing so I can download it on my nook… boo! I had this problem with Katie’s Hellion but not Damian’s Assassin… Ugg

    Just wanted to let you know I am not putting off reading your ‘sure to be wonderful’ book as I love ALL your books, but I just can’t get to it!!!!

    • So sorry, Katie!! If downloading it and adding it to your Nook manually doesn’t work, I can email you the PDF version. I think Nooks take PDFs … let me know!! 🙂 Lizzy

      • Nook is Epub, unfortunately, something is a little wonky with smashwords, but I figured it out last night. Instead of clicking “open” when the box pops up, I had to click save and save it to my hard drive. Then open Adobe and add file to the library from the hard drive, then it would show up and I could move it to the NOOK. Kind of weird since prior to Katie’s Hellion, I could just “open” and didn’t have to “save” first.

        OH – Question: did you upload a new version to Smashwords with the name fix in place? Should I replace the copy I got, or is it ok?

        • Hi Katie! Yes, I did upload a new copy to fix the names I hosed up at the last minute! Ha! That sucks about the long process to download. I’m sorry. The only reason I go through Smashwords for BN is so the books will be free when they pop up on BN. Otherwise, I think BN is like Amazon in that I have to have a price of at least .99 if I upload it myself. I can research to see if there’s another way to get books free on BN without using Smashwords … I’m glad you figured it out but sorry the process is painful!!!! Lizzy

          • Nope, no problem – just wanted to let you know the process in case any other Nook people said anything 🙂

  4. Hello Lizzy,
    I just finished reading both Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assasin. I read them both in 3 days I was so drawn in to the story. Excellent, excellent work. Both kept me guessing and a new twist was revealed around every corner. Is there another Guardian, White/Black/Grey God story in the works? You got me hooked!

    • Hi Kimerlea! Great – I’m glad you enjoyed the first two books of the Damian series! Yes, book 3 (entitled “Damian’s Immortal”) will be released in December and book 4 (entitled “The Grey God”) will be released in May 2012. 🙂 I’m happy they kept you guessing – a lot of my ideas come from dreams, so there are a lot of unique (and/or wacky) things that pop up in my books! Haha! Lizzy 🙂

  5. Hey Lizzy,
    I half expected the Oasis to be haunted by supernatural characters like Rhyn making it their vacation site and that was the reason the construction was not completed. But you certainly didn’t disappoint. Maddy’s Jake was really a hero, without any supernatural talents.
    It was a relaxing read. The suspense just adequate to keep my mind from drifting..
    thanks again for all that you are doing

    Biji Rani

    • Hi Anna! Here’s the page on our site where you can go to find the links to all the free versions of the books. Click here The books are free everywhere but Amazon, so if you have ibooks/itunes, BN, etc., you should be able to download the whole book. If not, let me know!! Lizzy 🙂

  6. hi lizzy..,i hv read ur books…dey r really guud..i really love dem…
    but i m nt able 2 download our book”maddy’s oasis”…

    would really love 2 read it…plz do send me another link or its pdf format..thnks..sory 4 t trouble…
    love ur books…takecare…hope u hv more books cuming…:-)

    • Hi Purva! I send you an email with the PDF. Please let me know if it didn’t go through! I’m happy you’re enjoying the books!! Lizzy 🙂

  7. lizzy your books are awesome. i am in east africa and wondering..any chance the rynn triology finale will be out soon? am dying of anxiety to see how the story ends…xoxo

    • Hi Aminata! The final book in the Rhyn trilogy will be released in March. I know – it’s not soon enough!! I’m juggling the Rhyn trilogy and Damian/War of Gods series … haha! Wow – East Africa is pretty far away. That’s so cool!! Lizzy 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanne! Oasis has largely been the book that causes me the most grief. Haha! I’m glad you liked it, though I think everyone else will agree it was ok but they like the other books better! Someone told me they kept waiting for Jake to turn into a vampire or something … lol … Lizzy 🙂

  8. Hi Lizzy, i find myself searching all the sites for books riten by you.I enjoy all of those that are found so far. I am dying to read Damian’s Imortal and The Grey God.Love your books

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