Defining Lizzy’s Target Audience: A Necessary Exercise

I read John Locke’s book, entitled, “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!” to get an idea of how other indies are tackling their marketing strategies.  I decided to do at least one exercise based on what I learned from him: define my target audience as more than “paranormal romance readers.”  If you read his book, you’ll know he wrote a page or two describing his audience, down to what his readers’ professions are, because he writes with a very specific market in mind.  And it’s worked for him.

I spent my plane ride to DC today mulling over the 500+ posts to my website, several hundred fan emails, hundreds of reviews, and other correspondence with my readers to define my target audience.  This should not be considered a one-size-fits-all description, as I’ve pieced together themes and traits from a whole range of information.  However, in writing the below, I do feel as though I understand better why Katie’s Hellion went over so well.  Haha!

Here she is.  Introducing: my target audience.

My Target Audience still believes in true love while fully acknowledging that Cinderella’s evil Step-Mom probably ruined her marriage to Prince Charming, and Cindy lost her half of the kingdom in the divorce.  Target Audience likes happy endings, but wants to know if Sleeping Beauty would’ve chosen the poisoned apple if she had known there was a 50% chance she’d die and a 50% chance she’d find her true love.  

Life has probably beaten up Target Audience in multiple cage matches.  She doesn’t need things sugar-coated, but still needs to know there’s room for hope and the occasional winning lottery ticket.  Target Audience is tech savvy, of above average intelligence, enjoys puzzles and most surprises, and has a quirky sense of humor shaped by run-ins with the Dark Side.  Target Audience is strong natured, independent in thought and enjoys being around others who are similar.  She loves secret little adventures, finds rainbows when it’s storming (even if she sometimes wants to destroy them), and believes in occasional indulgences. 

Target Audience believes life is a combination of magic, tragedy, and shades of grey.  She’s honest, believes in second chances for (almost) everyone and probably thinks she’s much more flawed than she is.  She’d also really like a Fairy Godmother but realizes that probably won’t happen, so she’ll figure it out on her own.  She likes to use her imagination and lose herself in a good story.

This is a start … 🙂

6 thoughts on “Defining Lizzy’s Target Audience: A Necessary Exercise

  1. I agree with you 100%, I love your stories and I can see myself sometimes in you characters. Please keep doing such a wonderful job

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Life ain’t easy, and I’m not going to make it easy for my characters. I think that appeals to readers in my audience. It’s nice not to see a perfect story … hahaha! Thank you for your continued support!! Lizzy 🙂

  2. I am new to this genre, and found you via Ibooks. I have read the Damien and Rhyn books. I have enjoyed them thoroughly. I admit I would like a little more in the sex area; the books have a black and white movie feel there where we just ‘fade to black’. I consider myself above average intelligence with a quirky sense of humor. My usual fare is good solid mysteries, and not ones where the individuals simply fall into one murder after another. The availability of the books for free via Ibooks and those other sites makes my constant reading a habit I can continue while times are tight. Your selflessness is greatly appreciated. And, while I originally shunned the ebook transition (missing the smell of the book, the feel of the pages, and the downfall of the new and used bookstores to come), the opportunities it opens for independent authors is fabulous. Keep writing, and I will support you virtually and monetarily whenever I can. I visited the kickstart website today and pledged.

    • Wow, Rormonster! Thank you for your pledge and your comment! I, too, miss the feel of a paperback, but you’re absolutely right: technology allows readers a greater choice of authors and books. And the fact we can give away free books is incredible. I’ve met such awesome people through giving away ebooks, from rabid readers like you to folks who just lost a job and want to read but couldn’t afford it any other way. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s been an eye-opening experience for me to meet so many people the past few months. And yes, you’d have to have a quirky sense of humor to enjoy my books… haha! Thank you again! Lizzy 🙂

    • Awesome, Adle! I’m rough on my characters, but they never give up. I started hearing personal stories of hardship and hope from my readers and started to figure out that’s why they like my characters! So cool! 🙂 Lizzy

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