Lizzy’s Summer and Fall Books

Ok, here’s what I’m planning to release from here to the rest of the year!

All of the below will be available in ebook from the normal sources and paperback through Amazon, BN, etc.  Katie’s Hellion (Rhyn Trilogy, Book One) and The Warlord’s Secret are currently available in paperback format from Amazon.  It normally takes about 2-3 weeks once the ebook is out for the paperback to be out, too!  We’ll post some links later this week to the paperback versions.

Releases are normally towards the end of the month; however, I’ll send out emails to my mailing list with release details and advance copies of the covers.  Sign up for more info!


Maddy’s Oasis; contemporary western novella

Mind Café (revised/edited for re-release)


Kiera’s Moon, contemporary sci-fi/fantasy


Katie’s Hope (Book Two, Rhyn Trilogy) 


Damian’s Oracle (revised/edited for re-release)

Rebel Heart, futuristic romance


A Demon’s Desire; contemporary paranormal


Damian’s Assassin (revised/edited for re-release)

Special paperback trilogy release of: Damian’s Oracle, Damian’s Assassin, and Damian’s Immortal


Damian’s Immortal (ebook version)

The ebook versions of the above will be free, as usual, except on Amazon.  The exception will be Damian’s Immortal.  My marketing plan shifts in Dec, because I’ll basically be broke by then (ha!).  However, people on my mailing list will receive free ebook versions of Damian’s Immortal. 

I may have a bonus book out at the end of the year, but it really depends on my schedule.

23 thoughts on “Lizzy’s Summer and Fall Books

    • Me neither. I’m really excited about these two books! 🙂 The more I write in those worlds, the more interesting and deep they become!

  1. I have been waiting on pins and needles for this third ebook (Damian’s Immortal) to come. The first one wet my appetite, second one was favor heaven and now I’m just simmering for this third and I look forward to other in this series.

    • Awesome, Tammy! I’m glad you enjoyed the first two! The more I write in the Damian world, the more I like it! It’s been a lot of fun writing these books, and it makes me happy that folks are having a lot of fun reading them. Lizzy 🙂

  2. I have never written to an author to gush about their writing before but I just finished reading Katie’s Hellion. I loved it. I think the characters and the world you have created is amazing. I didn’t want to put it down, as a result I stayed up half the night! (Thank goodness I started the book on a Saturday so I have today to recover!) I really enjoy your writing style and having read everything I can download from either Amazon or Smashwords, I’m an avid fan! I just had to check your web site for information about when to expect the next book in the trilogy. Thanks for keeping us informed about when and what you’re releasing in the coming months. I’m really looking forward to more great reading!

    • Hello, Carolyn! Woohoo, thanks! 🙂 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the books. K’s Hellion has gone over really well, and I think it’s because my editor hacked it apart before I released it, unlike D’s Oracle, which has an awesome premise but often clumsy execution. (I’ll fix that this summer, though!) Lol … My goal is to keep my readers busy this year, so you won’t get bored. Hahaha … next year, I’m thinking of doing about half as many, so I have a chance to see some sunlight. Haha … I’m so happy you like my books – keep reading, there are more to come! 🙂 Lizzy

    • Thanks, Rae!! I’m thinking of capping the number of books at 4 for the Damian series, but I’ve had a lot of people protest that already. Haha … I might do a few short stories or novellas related to the series featuring other characters … we’ll have to see! I think – after book 4 is done next spring – I’ll be able to sit back and see what might work and what my readers want … 🙂 Lizzy

  3. I seriously read both D books in one day. Dec. needs to hurry up. Thanks for the Christmas present in advance. Poor Jule. 🙁

    • Haha … yes, Jule is next on my list of Damian’s friends to drag through the mud! I’m having fun writing this series. I’m going to try to weave Jenn’s story into this third book, too, because she’s turned out popular with a lot of my readers. We’ll see how it goes … and D’s Oracle and D’s Assassin are being revised for re-release this fall, prior to D’s Immortal’s release. I wanted to have the whole series in good shape by the winter vacation, so people have time to read! Lizzy 🙂

  4. Some people golf, some people drink, I luv to read! I’m 34 n have been reading romance novels for as long as I can remember. Like a previouse post, I’ve never wriitten an author b4 to let u know I’ll b biting my fingernails in anticipation of ur new books!!! Along with Camp, Medeiros, Meyers, and Howell to name a few, u r now on my fav author’s list!!! Please keep em’ coming!

    • Hi TJ! WOW – I’m happy to be writing alongside your othe favorite authors! I, too, love Medeiros. She and Lynn Kurland were the first romance writers I ever read, and I absolutely love their work! And you won’t have to wait long – I’m doing my best to crank ’em out!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback!! Lizzy 🙂

  5. I ran across “Damien’s Oracle” on Amazon by accident and loved it. As soon as I finished it I was frantically searching for “Damien’s Assasign”…luckily o found it and now have 2 sleep deprived night that I can credit to your books! (Icould not put them down). I am really looking forward to the release of the 3rd book. Now, as long as I am already not sleeping…time to check out your other offerings! Thank you very much.

    • Haha – so sorry for the sleepless nights, Jessie! Hope you got caught up on your sleep and you didn’t fall asleep at your desk … haha! I’m happy you enjoyed the Damian series … 🙂 You’ll probably like Katie’s Hellion, too, since it’s in the same vein! 🙂 Lizzy

    • Don’t feel so bad Jessie, I had some sleepless nights reading, both Damian books, as well as the day Kiera’s Moon came out, Stayed up all night with all of them! I stumbled across Damian’s Oracle, and once started reading couldn’t stop, lol I have recently got my mother reading D.O. She’s working two jobs and having sleepless nights too. Lol.

      • That’s awesome, Jamie! So sorry to keep everyone up at night, esp since your mama is working two jobs. If you want, send me an email with your postal address, and I’ll send you and your mom a book! Just let me know which one is your fav and hers! Lizzy 🙂

  6. Wow dude i read your stories on fictionpress and you rock! I fell in love with Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin! I can’t wait until Damian’s Immortal! 😀 Not to mention the fact that yours is a big name in my school :p. Everyone reads your stories on ibooks!
    I do admit to starting the trend 😛 guilty as charged! haha

    • Hi Rini! That’s AWESOME! Thanks for reading and spreading the word! 🙂 I try to recognize folks who are book ambassadors and spread the word about my books … I’ll send you an autographed book, if you’re interested! 🙂 Send me a note to my email with your physical address: 🙂 Lizzy

  7. I just started reading your Damian Series and I must say that I am absolutely hooked! For an entire day I was of no use to the world because I was dead set on finishing Damian’s Oracle and Damian’s Assassin. Now I desperately want to read Damian’s Immortal. Is it too late to sign up for your email list to get the free ebook of Damian’s Immortal? I really really want to read it.

  8. I cannot wait till damians immortal comes out!! Ill for sure be downloading it from iBooks! I also love Katie’s hellion & hope!! Is the third book for tht already released? (hope I didn’t miss it)

    Love your work!

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