Free @ Amazon: “Damian’s Oracle”

Damian’s Oracle” is FREE for download to your Kindle on Amazon, for a very limited time (I think.)  Please click here to be taken to the Damian’s Oracle page at Amazon US and here for Amazon UK!

Most of you are probably thinking, aren’t your books free everywhere but Amazon, Lizzy? And the answer is yes.  Yes, they are.  Hahaha … Amazon won’t let indie authors set their prices to free and randomly will select indie books to discount to free.

The enigma that is Amazon … ha!  I’ve yet to figure out how they pick which books to feature for free.  Don’t get me wrong – this is GOOD on a level that you’d only reach if you had a huge marketing budget (which I don’t!)  Their discounting a book to $0 has put some unknown authors on the map – and I’m hoping it’ll help do the same for me! 

Spread the word!  🙂

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