700 reviews – and counting!

Wow!  I never would’ve guessed I’d have this many, but I hit around 700 reviews yesterday from across all three novels on all the different sites they’re posted to!   Damian’s Oracle (released 01.01.10), Damian’s Assassin (released 02.18.11), and The Warlord’s Secret (released 4.18.11) have all been smash hits, with an average of a  combined 10,000+ downloads a month for the past four months. 

I’d like to thank all my readers and reviewers again.  🙂  You’re support is what keeps me writing and just as  importantly, keeps my writing improving!!  Book four in my 12-12 challenge will be out by the end of May!


2 thoughts on “700 reviews – and counting!

    • *sigh* That’d be nice. I’d be happy to be able to make enough $ eventually off my books to buy dog food and shoes. Haha!

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