(T)op 100 downloaded books on Smashwords: Damian’s Oracle

I was surprised when I saw Damian’s Oracle on the Top 100 Downloads on Smashwords.com.  Yes, I know it’s not Barnes and Noble or Amazon or anything like that, but there are something like 15,000 authors publishing through Smashwords.com and who knows how many books!

To say the least, I was thrilled!  For full disclosure: I’m #100, so I might get knocked off soon, but I made it!

And I intend only to climb.  Hopefully, as my writing gets better and I produce more books, I’ll soon have all my books up there!

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded Damian’s Oracle! 🙂

10 thoughts on “(T)op 100 downloaded books on Smashwords: Damian’s Oracle

  1. I was trying to figure out how you get access to the top smashwords best seller lists. I can’t seem to find them, both paid and free lists. Can you clue me in? I would be very grateful for some help with this.

    • Hi Robert! It’s not intuitive to find the lists, that’s for sure, and the link for the top 100 goes to their main page now. NO idea what happened there.

      For the top 100: if you go to smashwords.com and ‘sort by’ the tab “most downloads”, those are the top 100 for downloads for all time (whether free or priced.) Next to the “most downloads” tab is the “best sellers” tab, which is the top paid books for all time.

      For the most viewed authors list, click here.

      I heard there are other lists, but I can’t find them. People have found me through these mysterious other lists, though, which I find baffling!

      Lizzy 🙂

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